I mean there's a reason why these men enjoy perceived misogyny but screech at the top of their lungs over misandry. They know damn well they ain't victims of misogyny

If that guy really gets mistaken for a woman enough to receive misogyny, then I am the empress of Mars.

Misogynistic comments don't bother him because he knows, in the back of his mind, that they're not really directed at him.

And because he gets off on the idea of being "like a woman" and being treated like one.

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He isn't getting angry over misogynistic comments for the same reason sane people don't get upset when TRA's misgender them in the hopes of making a point: we tend to not get upset when people insult us with things we know are not true.

Now when you refuse to comply with a demand from a male, they get a bit testes.

I followed this content creator for awhile to keep my horizons open and he wasn’t that bad. Seemed like a genuinely nice guy as much as a guy can be genuinely nice. Still sexist as hell tho at his very root.

Same, I’ve seen his content now and then and it seemed relatively benign. I feel a little bad for him though, because while he’s young he could soooort of be mistaken for a woman if you’re looking peripherally at a distance, but as he gets older he just appears more and more obviously male. I hope he moves beyond this phase before permanently damaging himself.