Women can’t be warriors? Women can’t be divine? They tell on themselves too much.

Men don't think women can be Warriors and men especially don't think women are anything close to divine. Men revere themselves. Men revere masculinity. It's male narcissism on steroids.

They literally could not have a play highlighting a woman without taking away her femininity because they hate women that much and they absolutely can't stand when women outshine them.

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That reply is gold. I didn't leave religion only to adopt an even shittier one.

As a feminist, I’m angry. I’m so tired of them deciding that all the women in history are men.

As a theater kid, now a theater adult, I’m Insulted at how haphazard those costumes are and how lazy and unfinished it all looks.

If you haven't already heard of it, go read The Second Coming of Joan of Arc by lesbian playwright and radical feminist Carolyn Gage. Better yet, go SEE it or donate so it can be performed everywhere. I've seen the performance twice; it was fucking fantastic both times.

Carolyn is one of my favorite playwrights. So so many amazing feminist plays by this woman. Check them all out.

She's incredible. I had the chance to meet her recently and ask her about her work. Can't wait to read the rest of her plays when I find the time.

I like to believe Joan of Arc was a bit more humble. That monologue doesn't convey that at all, just a self-centered 17 year old with an ego, which i mean isn't absurd. I really did not like how the prologue turned burning into a good thing. Ie. "Burning with possibilities"

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This is just a rehearsal, right?

Are those seriously their costumes?

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Apparently these are indeed the “costumes” worn in the “play.”


oh my god. this is the cringiest shit I have ever seen. At THE GLOBE? the fucking Globe???????

Well this explains their stupid poem too. the whole place is full of dumbass man-children and no professionals

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Shakespeare is rolling in his grave.

I’m honestly in shock that it’s at the Globe.

They are taking pretentious, talentless individuals just to push a genderist agenda. It’s so weird. These people & productions are so woefully underqualified for such a renowned venue. It’s like if a play written by and solely starring kindergartners was put on Broadway.

That response is amazing. "What happens when we refuse to worship the divine. Do we get burned at the stake?" Daaaaamn baby.