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Estrogen doesn't cause cramps. When the Uterine lining breaks down, the body creates prostaglandins in response. If the lining is heavy, the body makes more prostaglandins. Women can have cramping in other muscles when they have their period, including gastro intestinal, but that happens because the prostaglandins "spill over" for lack of a better description. No uterus=no lining breakdown=no prostaglandins=no cramps. It doesn't matter how much estrogen you take, or if you "cycle" the dose. It won't give you cramps. That's why women go on the Pill if they have debilitating cramps. It is absurd for TIMs to claim the treatment to stop cramps in women gives them cramps.

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"Trans women frequently and consistently report this, they have no reason to lie, and there are numerous possible mechanisms."

Someone who wants to be something they aren't would absolutely never claim to have experiences that mimic what they want to be.

Plus they are sexually aroused at the thought of having periods. But nope, no reason to lie whatsoever. 😶

The amount of bullshit these men have made up to support their nonsensical claim is amazing.

Dear God can we just return to it being a mental illness diagnosis? I'm sure there are side effects of taking artificial hormones that do not simulate a woman's hormone cycle at all. Ain't a period and never will be. I got so mad at that kings college paper where they 'researched' this bullshit through a survey.

My TiM ex used to claim menstrual cramps and diarrhea from his ‘period’… I’d look over at his computer desk, full of McDonald’s and Taco Bell wrappers and in a tone of near undetectable sarcasm say, “Uhuh, that’s probably TOTALLY it…”

Top comment claims that lots of women who've had their uteruses and ovaries removed report experiencing period symptoms when they take HRT. These guys' lies and lunacy are off the charts.