They targeted themselves when they asked a pedo to be a trustee.

they love to talk about the astronomical rates of suicide and self-harm but never stop to consider that letting kids fixate on transition could be exacerbating these feelings and behaviors

100% this. The number one way to make my depression worse is to constantly dwell on it.

This is actually something I've learned over years of therapy. I need a specific kind of therapy that focus on meeting goals, the future, planning ahead, etc. It really does not help me to dwell on my terrible childhood, since I can't change it.

But these kids, all they talk and think about 24/7 is being trans and how unhappy they are. And the "professionals" around them encourage it.

All they do is constantly tell kids they'll kill themselves if they don't go through dangerous hormones and surgery. I remember reading some detrans posts of people who basically got brainwashed through that, even though they never even were suicidal in the first place.

They never provide any concrete evidence for the alleged astronomical rates of suicide either. I wonder why?

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It's honestly hilarious how often the blame JKR as the sole boogeyman

The only thing astronomical about the trans community is their lies.

How about not having a pro-pedophilia advocate as your leadership? Or not advocate about mutilation for children? If only rowling was so powerful

Are they trying to suggest JKR has continually prank-called the hotline to verbally abuse the (presumably rather sensitive) staff, forcing the outfit to close down?

Oh my god, haha. She unfairly targeted them for appointing a pedophile! What a beeyotch! Laughable nonsense.

Maybe they got the fear because they hadn't DBS checked the volunteers? Just a thought. They certainly aren't what I'd call scrupulous about safeguarding, anyway.