Aghrr. Comments asking what this has to do with women, and that TERFs are mainly male… what?? The constant conflation with transphobia/bigotry vs. transgender ideology’s incompatibility with radical feminism is really starting to bug me. I guess normies don’t get that this violence against TERFs is specifically aimed at women and not the violent men who are a real danger to them.

Not to mention the idea that this is a left/right issue as standard. Plenty of left wing women have spoken up about this but no one cares. Its easier to dismiss it all as hateful bigotry and nothing more.

Oh, I remember when someone I know called Mike freaking Pence a TERF. You know, former Vice President Mike Pence, the renowned radical feminist. That was the day I realized that TERF meant nothing and everything all at once.

Yes - the putting words (and politics) into our mouths is so incredibly frustrating. Wishing violence on people who you've clearly never listened to - and never will, because it's uncomfortable to confront your own doublethink or misogyny - is half of what's really upsetting me about this post.

I don't know what it is, but this has really upset me.

I don't want anybody hurt, not trans people, not even the trans people who've physically harmed me, threatened me, or abused me, of which there have been three. I do not wish violence on this SNP equalities officer, nor on the TRA friend who slapped me when I was 17 for misgendering a non-binary person in his presence, nor either of the trans-identifying males who have physically harmed me.

I just don't want women to be hurt, either. I don't want any woman to ever have to go through what I and so many others here have gone through, and I don't want to be ostracised for not believing in a gendered soul.

I think I need to take a break from social media and maybe the Internet in general, because this Reddit post and the comments on it wishing me and so many other women violence has emotionally broken me. I don't know how you do it, Ovarites, and I admire you for it.

Much love to you, I understand the pain and the frustration, which social media definitely exacerbates by making misogyny so much more readily available to view- and yet less able to respond to it (if not for sheer quantity!)

Please, take a break if you desire it- even if you don't, it probably would do well to leave male-run social medias, just to be free from their sht...

I find myself angry, upset, and saddened by a lot of what I see on social media; but the worst part is always feeling like I don't have a voice to even object to it, and no one to listen to it. I'm trying to get involved with more radical feminist activism because of it- even to just see sane women who are resisting publicly and leading action. I mention this just in case it might help you as well, because that PLUS removing myself from these social medias has helped a lot with my mental health and sanity..