Useless lesbian

Of course it is. Real women over the age of 15 don’t say this shit.

And further down other commenters are saying that OOP sounds like such a lesbian when he sounds like just a straight guy in love with a woman...

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so is this just a spicy straight situation? it's getting harder to decipher the truth from all the language obfuscation.

one of the worst outcomes of this entire movement was the absolute butchery of language and meaning.

Ugh how dare they say he must be a transbian yet to come out because he is being a bit sensitive!!!

Especially when he's actually acting in a very typical introverted/shy guy fashion! What even is stereotypicallt feminine about him??

At that point we both thought I was a man. And I knew she liked men! Now we're both women and I understand why I've always gotten along with lesbians so well.


Then followed by:

Your story has further convinced me that OOP is a lesbian and just doesn't know it yet.

And then response by the "lesbian" :

I wasn't going to make an egg joke but he definitely wouldn't be the first!

I don’t get those responses, he didn’t once mention crying because he’s jealous of her or wanting to wear her skin.

Ughhhh my bf actually sent me that post earlier because it reminded him of us and of course reddit has to ruin everything wholesome in the comments