Oh, look at a leftist doing all the things he claims the other side is doing.

My favorite tell is the newest version of “no one does surgeries in minors” — can you spot it? No one does hysterectomies in minors. Guess what? It’s true! But guess what else is true? THEY DO RADICAL MASTECTOMIES ON MINORS.

There’s evidence in a NIH funded research for girls as young as 13.

Bomb threats are wrong. But the real issue is Noah doesn’t think any complaint about sterilizing children and teens is acceptable. Well, fuck off, dude.

Americans can speak out against things which they feel to be wrong. You can keep trying to make this a Jan 6th situation, but it isn’t. These things are really happening. People pointing it out are correct.

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Yeah. All power is the same. Leftists use the exact same tactics. Because they have to, because all power is the same and operates in the same way. The right for the most part has the police, the military, religious organizations and non-tech businesses, so they (and the left) are used to the left being a man down, because it’s only in the minds of the poets that pens are mightier than swords. The left by and large has the media and the academy but the big surprise that is turning the tide are the tech companies. It’s all becoming very dull as we grind towards more political violence and the lies that both sides are putting forward to disguise the fact that they want to take it to the streets.

The authors are behind the wire on the situation involving the other bird app too. They're back, and meanwhile Keffals has even been blocking his own supporters for asking where did their donations go. Doesn't make Cloudflare any less cowardly or hypocritical, however. But I guess embezzlement and fraud are OK if you're a TIM, and piss-poor, hyperbolic "journalism" devoid of fact-checking or balance is "speaking truth to power" if you're a TRA simp.

I think we need a flair to go along with “Trans issues > Abortion” and Trans issues > Ukraine” that reads “Trans issues > Overthrowing the United States government.” I mean seriously…

And one for "Trans issues > everything else".

  • "Trans issues > nuclear war"
  • "Trans issues > pandemic"
  • "Trans issues > climate catastrophe"
  • "Trans issues > the Holocaust"

etc. etc. etc.