Horrific… I can’t believe I’m living in the era where Western medicine has taken genital mutilation to new circles of hell… and calls this life saving treatment. We’ve sunk so low as a society that parents calling this out are having their children taken away from them.

The sad thing is that all the doctors performing these butcherings have no conscience as practitioners of medicine. They literally don’t care. They eagerly take these mentally ill people as Guinea pigs while telling them the lie that they’ll make them a vagina. A vagina is a muscle, not a hole.

The doctors don’t care. I’ve seen videos of detrans people crying (men and women) because they said they’re too far gone to socially detransition. They’re crying because they can’t wake up from the nightmare that they live with genital mutilation. They’re crying because their healthy functioning parts have been taken away from them. One man has been crying that he’s isolated himself from his family because he doesn’t know how to face them after realizing what a mistake the surgery was after his family participated in affirming him. He doesn’t want his family to share in his horror of the travesty that they’ve invited.

A vagina is a muscle, not a hole.

Way better slogan than TWAW

This is the thing that stood out to me. He kept calling it a vagina. A hole in your skin is not a vagina no matter how you reshape it. Vaginas can expand and contract. Vaginas are self-lubricating and self-cleaning. A vagina connects to the cervix. A vagina can expand enough to pass a baby. What he has is not a vagina and he can't ever have an actual vagina. I don't know why these guys can't accept that. They just refuse to accept reality.


He chose this. Honestly what else is there to say. Even the slightest bit of research outside the hug box would have shown him these surgeries are basically butchery and what he is experiencing is typical.

He asked for an organ to be chopped up and reconstructed unnecessarily. He got what he wanted. It doesn't sound like this person is a child so no sympathy.

A disturbing read for sure. I should feel more compassionate but it just grates on me the way he talks about his mangled penis hole - mate, you don’t have labia, a clitorus or a vulva...to call your chopped up male genitals a vagina is grossly disrespectful to every female on the planet imo.

Also, he chose this. I feel sad to hear of a human in pain, but he is very low down on my sympathy scale. The doctors doing this are evil and I know this man is mentally unwell but nobody made him do it, he was driven to it by disgraceful misogyny, greed and hubris.

Yeah, that just kind of made me not feel any sympathy for him. Looking at pictures of his mangled, necrotized penis and calling it a vulva. Extremely delusional.

Yeah, I felt bad for not feeling more sorry for him, but...how dare he compare a butchered male body with a female body? He is a misogynist through and through.

I was told that I would be the cause of my daughter killing herself if I didn’t agree that she was a boy. That all flowed from men with fetishes pushing this entirely false idea that humans can change sex and I am done.

If you asked this dude, he’d have no sympathy for what I endured due to the lies and forced theology of his side. Fuck them.

I’m so sorry, I can’t imagine what you’ve been through 💔 gender ideology is one of the reasons idk if I want kids tbh, it must be so difficult being a mum with all this going on :(

What kind of a “boyfriend” would support their partner going to this level of self-harm?

Could also be another TiP, either TiM or TiF. I've seen a lot of TiMs on these places dating other TiMs, or some that are straight but go for TiFs.

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Kiwi Farms did a great job of documenting horrors such as this. Once you find out the truth about this “gender affirming care” you can’t really look at the trans movement in the same way. They’re basically mutilating and experimenting on the mentally ill, and profiting off of them while doing so. It’s sick. I hope the doctors who do this get thrown in jail one day. ESPECIALLY anyone who does this to minors.

I was doing okay with this until I got to "zombie pus."


I'm also guessing that this was his first surgical procedure since he was unfamiliar with how the anesthesia would make him feel (nauseated), the extreme post-surgical exhaustion, and the struggle to care for himself. And why are they having these guys wipe rather than use a peri bottle?

All this reminds me of that old joke about what do you call the medical student who graduates with low grades? This is where those students end up. Doing vagino/phalloplasties. FFS.

"full depth" "5 inches" lol. Nope. I have no problem having sex with men who have 10 inch penises. And one time the guy was 11 inches and it was still fine. I wish these clowns would stop quoting the unaroused depth of the vagina as the full depth.

It really is like Frankenstein, they're just cutting up and sewing up bits together hoping it turns out somewhat ''decent''. You really have to be sick to want this and sick to preform it.

Oh my God…..what a nightmare…and those photos…a real horror story.

This Dr. Kuzon mutilated him, experimented on him, he should never be allowed to practice. In fact, all the doctors who provide “sex change” surgery belong in prison.

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