This is false. I'd never steal a TIMs man, because I'm not interested in dudes who would fuck TIMs.

[–] Kevina 8 points Edited

Tbh I'm not interested in dudes who would fuck another dude, Tim or not. Yes I get that my opinion is both sexist and hypocritical (I'm bi) but idc.

You are putting yourself at increased risk for STDs if you have sex with men who have sex with other men. That's not homophobic, biphobic, mlm-phobic, or whatever. It's facts.

[–] nopenottoday 13 points Edited

Yeah that's the funny thing about living in a fantasy world, it has the ironic effect of making real life harder than it would be if you didn't waste your life chasing an impossible fantasy.

Not only will you never be a woman and straight men will never want you, there isn't even such a thing as cis or trans. We're not doing these people any favors by playing along with this make believe

I love the constant TiM shock and surprise over the fact that straight men are straight, and here I love that it's combined with shock and surprise over the fact that decent men don't want a relationship with someone who's just a living, breathing sex doll.

Someone never moved out of his mom's basement and needs someone to blame.

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 3 points

Gods. I wish they would never be able to hold a job or be employed in the first place. Then we wouldn’t have women constantly harassed in the workplace by these perverts.

Also lol at “no matter how attractive or kind you are”. TIMs are neither.