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No one has exploratory surgery for ovarian cysts. It just doesn't happen. If she had no symptoms, why would anyone perform surgery? I have PCOS and until an ultrasound confirmed the cysts, I was not treated for PCOS. If she was on spironolactone, why was she on estrogen? Treatment is usually the Pill or spironolactone, not both.
And she is wrong that PCOS doesn't have health consequences beyond acne and excess hair. The longer PCOS goes untreated, the greater risk to fertility, the greater risk of metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and type II diabetes, as well as issues with high cholesterol later in life. Also, not getting your period for long stretches of time is a potential risk factor for cancer. I swear, people are more blatantly lying about having PCOS every day.

Also, not getting your period for long stretches of time is a potential risk factor for cancer.

As someone with PCOS and a family history of ovarian cancer, I'm ashamed and horrified I didn't know this. I read about the insulin resistance and fertility risks (although my doctor just told me about increased body hair and the possibility of weight gain..), but not this. I googled this and, sure enough, there's been a lot of studies confirming this link (irregular periods and increased risk of ovarian cancer).

Are there any good resources you'd recommend for PCOS?

I was diagnosed over 30 years ago, so I can't point to one source, just knowledge gained over my adult life dealing with it, and I guess having extraordinary OB/GYNS and endocrinologists compared to many doctors people here talk about.

But even then no one told me about PCOS interfering with breastfeeding until my 2nd baby when I found a truly dedicated, brilliant lactation consultant who flat out told me I would probably not be able to exclusively breastfeed, and that was OK. The really sad thing is that metformin was a silver bullet to increase breastmilk supply, but it gave the baby stomach problems. Looking back, I probably could have made it work, a lot of people have a few days of gastric issues when they start metformin, but they usually adjust to it, but so beat down by it at that point. I made myself crazy trying to breastfeeding my 1st and had other issues with my 2nd (who had a horrible tongue tie no one at the hospital noticed). Had I known PCOS was the problem, I would have enjoyed my first maternity leave, and my baby, so much more.

It is really frustrating to see PCOS being exploited and misrepresented by the TRAs. To them hormones have nothing to do with health, just how you look and emotional satisfaction. So they claim PCOS is so serious it is an intersex condition that makes you not a woman, but then women like this poopoo it as being about nothing more than acne, weight, and extra hair, all "shallow" concerns about appearance.

Thank you for sharing, and I'm so sorry you had to go through that while breastfeeding. It's so frustrating that PCOS has all of these increased risk factors and symptoms that are so poorly communicated, and then we have TRA's come in and purposefully spread falsehoods about it. It's reprehensible.

Sounds like the medicine gave her irreversible changes and lead to health issues. So, like, it’s not harmless.

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Was just about to say this. She can downplay these health issues for herself, but to me, they would be catastrophic. She can't just decide "oh, these harmful side effects are OK because I'm 'Ciiiiiiiis' but all trans need them or they die".

Wow, a post with TransLogic and FatLogic all in one. I have PCOS and opted not to go on medication, but high androgens in women do affect more than just looks. They increase fat deposition in your midsection (the dreaded visceral fat that sticks to your organs and worsens insulin regulation), increase inflammation, and raise heart disease risk.

It’s necessary for women with PCOS to treat it, whether through diet and exercise and/or medication, so full-body health is restored. Whether this woman really had PCOS or not is debatable, but she’s spreading dangerous misinformation that “it’s only some hairy parts.”

I have no doubt these medications changed my body irreversibly. There's a good chance the excess estrogen caused the fibroids I have now, which are making it hard for me to conceive, and cause extremely heavy painful periods.

My gal, these irreversible changes happened because you were taking hormones that, since you didn’t actually have PCOS, your body did not need. I mean, you are literally saying that there are consequences for taking hormones without cause. The cognitive dissonance is off the charts with this one.

Spectacular Tits

Typical pickme. I honestly feel like she's lying for attention

Sorry for being misdiagnosed but PCOS is definitely not just about body hair and pimples, to think that is ignorant. Moreover, the therapy isn't just aesthetic for fucks sake. I have PCOS, I hate it.

This is of course in response to a young TIFs recent post going viral, and even though in a tweet afterwards she even stated she supports transition of adults but also thinks some gatekeeping is needed, there's no compromise with TRAs.

These false equivalences are getting so boring. Just like Kate Strangio comparing trans surgery regret to knee surgery regret. Having PCOS and knee problems are legit health issues and the need for them is created by a physical problem. Trans procedures are not healthcare and the need for them is created by a sexist homophobic cult.

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