These are the types of males who murder their mothers first before going on a mass shooting rampage.

Imagine the disappointment and disgust of bringing a useless POS like this into the world.

i feel so bad for their mothers. imagine going through 9 months of pain, again another huge, horrible pain to birth these scums, then they grow up to cry and sit in their basement all day ranting about how much they hate you on a loser internet forum.

i know I'd kick my son out of he becomes like that. my bf also said he'd kick a son like that out, he'd kick a son out if he says he's trans too, but I think it's better to keep them and try to save them out of their delusion.

The radicalization process is interesting a couple years members there could admit they at least "tolerated" their mom, and did not make as much hate posts about their mom as often, but now it is much more common in my opinion on this forum.

For example when someone on the mentioned they loved their mom the response they got.

Because you're a fakecel whose been sheltered and coddled by his t----t mother. Trucels were treated like absolut trash by their so called t----t ''mother'' and hate her with every fiber of their being.

wtf is even that honestly. they just can't handle someone challenging the narrative that all women suck.

this shit is so depressing. I keep thinking of their poor mothers and imagining how heartbroken they are at their sons' state.