Mindy Kaling is a comedian and she recognizes a smart, humorous reply, and zing, when she sees one.

JKR, Queen of the Zing.

We could say Zingdom, if only JKR would consider becoming "non-binary".

I wonder what you have to do to your children to end up with a trans and a non-binary child? Batting 100.

[–] Eava 11 points

Confuse them about what it means to be male or female, blind yourself to misogyny and sexism, your own and society, impose gendered expectations on them. It really isn't hard these days, especially with schools pushing these ideas.

Wanting to have an iron in every fire??? 🤷🏼‍♀️

You've got to score those woke points every chance you get.

One thing that got me finally posting on Ovarit: I watched as an acquaintance of mine “outed” a woman to their entire friend group on Facebook as a TERF. Her crime? Tweeting a supportive response to JK. One by one, all the friends replied in horror and publicity vowed to never speak to the woman again. 😳😳 It was truly awful.

(I googled the woman and she has an openly radfem Twitter account, so I kind of wonder if she’s on here… if so, hi! Sorry everyone is terrible, you seem cool. 👋)

[–] Committing_Tervery alien/ufoself 👽🛸 15 points

I wish we could/would start flipping this around on these people. Put the spotlight on them for canceling and censoring women just for expressing rational opinions. Showing others how it’s a modern witch hunt. Etc. These people will keep doing this behavior otherwise. They need to see consequences. I wish I was courageous enough to do so, but like many/most of us, I’m too scared. But it’s what I wish would happen!

I don't think tit for tat is a good tactic; I think we need to not get caught up in that sort of behaviour and call it out when we see it.

Honestly, even if I wasn't on the reality side of the argument I'd probably like this tweet because it's funny! TPAs need to lighten the fuck up, it's not like Mindy liked someone saying they were all for trans genocide, or whatever hyperbole they're peddling these days.

[–] Eleutheria [OP] 40 points Edited

Lol, as one horrified handmaiden said, “JK herself started with liking transphobic tweets.”

The replies and quote tweets are astonishing. Shall we prepare to sing the funeral dirge for the dearly departed [ally] Mindy?

Even the allies in the replies that are trying to be reasonable and argue that maybe she liked JK’s tweet by accident are getting shouted down and dragged.

“JK herself started with liking transphobic tweets.”

It would be great if Mindy joined the Terven. There's so much material for her as a comedy writer/producer.

this whole movement is comedy gold, just wanting for the right person to start mining it.

If there's anything that shows how fucked up the culture that enables gendies has become (FWIW I don't think it's gendie culture, just related), it's the extent to which they desire to control everything, including what people like.

It's a single social media button. Grow the fuck up and don't be so absurdly controlling.

The tweet isn't even trans-related. The fucking audacity. It's amazing that TRAs feel entitled to bully people for having the "wrong" opinion. While claiming that WE are fascists.

It’s not even about the wrong opinion, just for associating with the wrong person.

TRA know they don't have logic, facts, science or reality on their side, so they have to threaten violence, death, burning in a fire and whatever horror they can think of, to try to prevent logic, facts, science and reality from winning the day.

I'm sure she'll be forced to issue a groveling apology shortly. I hope I'm wrong.

How better to peak someone than being forced to perform public penance, abasement, and humiliation for a single click of a Twitter button?

Nothing you have ever done matters. All is washed away by the Like. One like.

TRAs are truly their own worst enemies.

Purity spirals is how TRA will destroy themselves. Very exciting.

[–] Riothamus scrote 5 points

Eventually the trans movement will dwindle down to two men in skirts with each one blaming the other's "transphobia" for making his pee-pee sad.

I don’t know much about her, really only some peripheral knowledge. But as a woman and as a woman of color she has most definitely had to claw her way up the ranks to even be randomly known by me who’s really not that much into pop culture. You know that her intelligence has had to be higher than the next guy. Doesn’t mean she won’t backpedal, but I suppose I’m understanding why she would get it. And boy oh boy do they not like it when their pet women of color don’t behave as told

She was a classics major at Dartmouth, studied Latin since childhood, and graduated with a degree in playwriting. She's no slouch in the intellect department.

I know this all makes me sound very fan-girly, but I've always enjoyed her work.

She certainly is not!

I feel like I’ve seen her in something. What would you recommend?

She's pretty lib-femmy, to be honest. But she's also funny (to me). She's written several books and done a few shows: "Why Not Me?", "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?", "Nothing Like I Imagined," The Office, The Mindy Project, and Never Have I Ever.

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