No, he's right. He will need to rely on a wig in order to have "feminine hair".

It's crazy how men can't clock wigs.

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I think he was joking about the wig but that’s hilarious how you said he’ll actually be wearing wigs.

Actually, seems like the dude already is, since he’s a drag queen... but his twitter profile says “NB” with the trans flag next to it. If you’re “nonbinary,” bro, why are you on hormones? 🤡

I've been seeing more and more people claims that they're both NB AND trans. It's almost comical.

If a woman wore a wig like that and posted in online she would dragged. Never heard of a lace front or how to make a wig believable

I wear wigs almost as bad as this fairly regularly. I get occasional compliments from women and girls, and Nigel sometimes says he forgets it isn’t my real hair (men are beyond blind to things like this).

What in the Party City wig is that thing on that man's head?

I couldn’t tell it was a wig….I thought it was a filter

But never, for a millisecond, did I think he grew that

Yeah, sure, bud, you’re gonna have more hair than Fabio. 🤣

Imagine if a woman said this stupid shit. “I do hair!” while wearing a cheapass ugly wig. Something tells me she wouldn’t get the “brave and stunning” treatment. 🙄

For real I see it all the time women who wear stupid ridiculous wigs they get dragged especially in the days where try to make their wig more natural looking as much as possible. You know like lace fronts.

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