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The irony of it all. Men pretending to be women think they have gone through some type of character development, when really they just want to wear our skin. They are the ones devoid of a true personality. Their personalities are all the same...AGP

PEOPLE are right to treat WOMEN as NPCs. I still find it difficult to accept how many men don't think women are people.

what is NPC short for?

Non-playable characters, literally there solely to move the story forward for the main characters

Non-player character. The computer-generated fake 'characters' that a player interacts with in a video game.

Why are all TiMs like carbon copies of the same intolerable scrote???

I'm honestly just happy he's not interested in dating women anymore. It's like with men going their own way... I mean good. Keep going.

So they don't have to share locker rooms, traditional spaces, bathrooms, sports and apps with us "inferior" women. I'd say that's a good deal.

Ditto. I wish they would go and make their own trans bathrooms, sports teams, etc and “go their own way” already.

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Over-compensating much?!

I don’t think that for a minute they really believe that but am thrilled that they are dating each other. No lesbians for you bro! Excellent!

I remember when I thought being a good girl on the outside but listening to Metalica made me interesting

Then came the generation that thought being depressed and wearing black made one more emotionally deep

But nobody changed policy, laws, language etc or amputated healthy body parts.

And now we are here

I remember when rumour had it that all the kids were joining satanic cults. Could we bring it back please.

I really did... But it was just me reading occult stuff and feeling edgy. So a cult of 1.

You prefer other trans women because they are the same as you and they get you. No other reason. We all have social groups we connect with better beyond "all women/femme presenting/whatever". I don't automatically get on with all women but we do have things in common that you TIMs don't share. And there are women I do get on with for shared reasons beyond being female, like ethnicity or a hobby. It's not that complex.

This trend of treating life like a video game is very unpleasant. No wonder they think they're entitled to women on the basis of powerlevel and fantasize about cartoon women.

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