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Obviously that's a horribly cruel thing to say in response to suicide, but it's pretty rich to see someone supporting a movement of sterilizing neurodivergent and LGB kids (that especially tries to prey on black and Indigenous kids) call someone else a eugenicist.

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They’re trotting out the usual bullshit suicide claims. Given bullshit is all it is, I wonder if their co-worker knew that and was snarking because they knew it? Not gonna lie, my own reaction to these claims is “Well they’re Darwin Award material, then,” at least about the adults.

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Not gonna lie, my own reaction to these claims is “Well they’re Darwin Award material, then,” at least about the adults.

I think it's perfectly acceptable to say that men who sterilize themselves for a delusional fetish win the Darwin Award.

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Absolutely. Of course to be real contestants they need to remove themselves from the gene pool before they have reproduced.

Late-onsent AGPs who already have children don't count.

But those who castrate themselves before reproducing totally deserve a honourable mention in the Darwin Awards. (I think that's what they do for men who castrate themselves through stupidity. Mentally ill people are disqualified, but the TRAs always claim it's not a mental illness, so ... yeah, Darwin Award.)

Any human being who is suicidal needs MENTAL HEALTH CARE, not hormones and surgery.

To be fair, that is a horrible thing to say about anyone - but at least the person only made a nasty comment, rather than actually carrying out eugenics in real time!

I’m not defending that comment, I just think it’s funny that this person is worried about eugenics at all, considering they’re part of a movement that seeks to sterilize people.

Yeah, the person who said this perhaps just wanted to be snarky.

Whereas TRAs are in favour of actually castrating children.

(I would argue it's not eugenics, tho. Eugenics is the idea of improving the gene pool. Removing all gender non conforming children from the gene pool sounds more like it'd be dysgenics; making the gene pool worse in the attempt of breeding a race of subservient women who never dare object to patriarchal oppression. It's not a coincidence that teenage girls have the highest rates of "gender dysphoria".)

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TW: suicide | Talked to my coworkers about gender dysphoria and how it can lead kids to suicide if not treated, one’s response was “that gets them out of the gene pool”

Im incredibly frustrated to say the least. Most were respectful, but that comment was straight up eugenics. People are that bold that they will advertise themselves not caring about kids killing themselves but instead caring that it gets them out of the genepool