Maybe due to the uprise of terfs who feel somehow entitled to think that everyone is attracted to them for some reason

Man sees women who point out how often men threaten to correctively rape women who disagree with men, frames it as women having a crazy sense of entitlement to think men want to correctively rape them.

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Men are so fucked in the head. They really still think ugly women can't be raped. And yet they call themselves progressive.

I can’t stress enough how not-jealous women are of hulking oafs in thigh-high socks.

So he thinks all TIMs were like him until the evil terfs invented the “stereotype” of predatory straight men, and in doing that we somehow summoned them into existence?

Not the most likely timeline, is it?

Sir, you ARE a feminine gay man. Like a large percentage of gay men. You are NOT a straight woman.

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I don't think a large proportion of gay men are in any way "feminine," Can you provide some evidence for your claim?

I personally know/have known a lot of gay men and am very well versed in gay male culture, politics, writings and so on. A minority of gay men are flamboyant, histrionic, extremely vain, preening, self-centered, superficial, catty, obsessed with fashion, appearance and superficiality. But I have met very few gay men I would describe as feminine.

If a large proportion of gay men were really feminine, then most gay men would be exquisitely attuned to the feelings of others and their focus in life would be to take care of others and put other people's interests before their own. I see no evidence that this is the case. On the contrary, gay men like all men in my view are usually all about me me me first.

The word effeminate more accurately describes many gay men. They try to model their voices and appearances after women, while their character stays decidedly male.

From my observations, younger gay men (Millennials and Gen Z) tend to be more openly feminine. Older gay men are still quite "normal" in comparison.

I can only assume it's because young gay men don't feel the need to hide parts of themselves, combined with the overall current enthusiasm for feminine gay men like drag queens.

Really? While I have certainly met the catty flamboyant ones, the majority I have met were not like that at all.

I would say the majority I meet are normal preppie guys who happen to be gay.

Followed by slightly effeminate very kind guys who tend to be helpful and enjoy playing rich uncle (even if they aren’t rich if they don’t have a family they still have disposable income)

The catty flamboyant ones are way down there in my experience.

Some thoughts. First you were the foot in the locker room door for straight male perverts. Your entitlement to women’s spaces and resources led to the current backlash.

Second, you’re vastly outnumbered by said straight male perverts. They are louder and more numerous than you. Of course they’ve become the face of the movement.

Finally, the straight male perverts are using you. They hide behind more sympathetic gay men who have no sexual interest in women because they know transparency is lethal to their goals. If you didn’t want to be associated with straight male perverts, you shouldn’t have rallied behind the likes of Lia Thomas and Jessica Yaniv.

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The bridges that HSTSs hoped to continue using are indeed being burned...due to asshole behavior from TIMs, period, making it clear they're acting as an occupying force, throwing their weight around. and just generally reminding us why women-only spaces are important (and why even "feminine" men don't belong in them).

HSTSs, you were guests in "womanhood," unwelcome to some of us from the start but others were happy enough to accommodate you. You were like the acquaintance we're not particularly fond of who ended up sleeping on our couch because you said you had nowhere else to go. In response to (some of) us opening the door for you, you threw a party and invited a hoard of creeps who all rummaged through our underwear drawer, stole or jizzed on all our belongings, harassed, demeaned, and belittled us, groped us, wracked up charges for trivial shit you say you "need" on our credit cards, and declared ownership of our home. A growing number of us want to evict you. It might not have come to this if you hadn't responded to an act of kindness/hospitality with staggering entitlement and a complete disregard for your hostesses, but you took advantage, showed your true colors, and we want you out. You being confused by that shift is a you-problem, and no, it's not all in our heads and it's not "stereotypes," it's direct, hard-learned experience.

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Got news for this misogynistic piece of shit. His kind, the purportedly not-AGP, started this. He can fuck off. All TIMs can fuck off. Go live on that garbage island, it’s the best place for you.

Maybe due to the uprise of terfs who feel somehow entitled to think that everyone is attracted to them for some reason

Is this dude really saying that women are over here feeling entitled to being raped? Did their fathers drop them on their heads as infants or what?

Implying women are being vain, imagining things, and should get over ourselves when we actually talk about sexual harassment/assault/unwanted sexual attention is a time-honored misogynistic tradition. It's also up there with telling women to keep allowing the "harmless" creep into close proximity with us up until the moment we're attacked, then turning on us and telling us we were stupid and deserved it for not adequately protecting ourselves from him/ not 'seeing the signs' they pressured and shamed us into ignoring. Anecdotally, a lot of gay men seem to also be quite jealous of the amount of attention women get from straight men (probably due to not comprehending how genuinely threatening and unwanted much of it is, and the power differential at play). This right here reads like projection for a man who is quite literally pretending to be a woman full time in the deluded pursuit of the category of men who categorically don't want him.

It's also either really stupidly worded, or he's such a raging misogynist that he thinks women don't have the right to think things...or just had to shove the word 'entitled' in there when it really doesn't apply to the situation.

Yes. It’s a gay man take because they’re jealous of straight men being attracted to women.

Once straight men knew they could cash in on their fetishes being used for social brownie points it was all over.

I mean he should probably blame the actions of perverted AGPs for the shift in narrative.

TIMs can't have it both ways either TERFs are social pariahs that nobody likes/listens to or TERFs are influential enough to sway public opinion.

How can it be both?

Perhaps there have been numerous public instances of transbians(aka straight men) using laws that HSTS wanted, to gain access to spaces, that 10 years ago they'd have never been allowed to be in.

Darren Merager got into the women's area of WI spa because of self ID🪪. He's a whole manly looking sex offender. As recently as a decade ago no one would have pretended the likes of Darren was a lady.

When media coverage broke out women were being harangued for not respecting pronouns of a sex offender. Women still get harassed whenever we misgender a trans murderer or rapist or criminal of any kind.

So no. Women (TERFs) aren't to blame for the shift in TIM stereotypes.

Gay men are not our friends, example #85854984387583498558585759232012039

has anyone responded? any of the oops actually "lesbian trans women" want to speak up about how they've become more visible but it's all the fault of straight women and they totally agree but on the other hand they are a legitimate part of the community... or ?

Yes, the stereotypes have shifted. A lot of us used to be shrug ok with transexuals as a fringe part of the LGB community but transvestites are a larger group, a more wide ranging group (people can sort of opt in or out when it suits them) and a more aggressive group, in that they are trying to take over women's spaces.

The main thing is, they're not interested in being seen as women to be able to get close to men, they're interested in it to get close to women. Gay or bi or closeted (or whatever they defined themselves as) guys might have accepted "trans women" who were physically male when it worked between them, and women didn't necessarily have deep problems with it. They might not have been thrilled about connotations but all the same, it was a little peripheral for the majority. But when male people are being "trans women" in order to fit into women's spaces & relate to us, it very directly impacts female people.

You think it's all in people's imagination? Go look at some statistics or just ask around, you seem a little behind the times...

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