If there's one thing TRAs are great at it's twisting people's words. I thought it was fairly obvious what she meant with that quote but we all know they're going to run with what Montgomerie has twisted it into instead.

What was the context of the quote? It is true the law says people are innocent until proven guilty, but it's also true we do things like criminal bureau checks on people before they are allowed to work with children, so we don't actually assume everyone is innocent. Also we don't have men in women's toilets because we know that's how to make them safe for women. So in that sense, no we don't just give men who think they are trans a free pass to enter women's toilets.

You can read the article it comes from here: https://archive.ph/wpYyG

The relevant paragraph is this one:

The third argument Sturgeon uses is that it’s transphobic to suggest any man would fraudulently claim a female identity. This claim is extraordinary. Nobody but the very naive can fail to be aware that predatory men are capable of going to great lengths to gain easy access to victims, and have often sought out professions or special status that offer camouflage for their activities. Sex offenders have historically been found among social workers, teachers, priests, doctors, babysitters, school caretakers, celebrities and charity fundraisers, yet no matter how often the scandals break, the lesson appears never to be learned: it is dangerous to assert that any category of people deserves a blanket presumption of innocence. Incidentally, it seems that prison is the perfect space in which to discover your innate sense of self: half of Scottish prisoners currently claiming a trans identity only did so after conviction.

This is why “we are who we say we are” is such a stupid slogan. Did we all forget that men lie for sex? They’ll lie about being single, wanting children, having their own place, their job. And that’s on the relatively less malicious end of things.

Imagine dismissing accusations sexual abuse against priests, scout troop leaders, or popular celebrities simply because they insisted “I am who I say I am”.

You don’t have to. It happened and happens on a massive scale. It’s why safeguarding guidelines are drawn up. Not to stigmatize and harm genuinely decent adults who work with vulnerable people, but to protect those over whom they have power.

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a blanket presumption of innocence

Notice the quote is fake? They left out a word that made the meaning completely unambiguous.

It was extremely obvious to this woman raised Roman Catholic what she meant.

TRAs when they saw JKR tweet about Václav Havel's Power of the Powerless: of course this billionaire bigot wouldn't care about the workers of the world! 🤦‍♀️🤣

It honestly just shows how stupid these people are. We all know exactly what she means by what she said.

Nice “ where is her husband! Why isn’t he keeping her in line!” addition there

the evil queen bigot of the internet

Well, damn. That's a lot of power.

These freaks just pull stuff out of thin air, no rational person could find any fault with what she’s saying. She has never once said anything violent or hateful towards TIPs ...they just spout lies without being able to quote a single bad thing she’s said.


If this is projection on their part (as so many other allegations have turned out to be), that should be a concern. In any case its clear they don't understand or support safeguarding. Also a concern.

I hope she sues the shit out of every one of these jerks.

These "activists" have been spreading straight-up lies about GC women for years, with no consequences whatsoever. It's emboldened them, and they need to be taken down several pegs by someone with the means to hold them accountable for their libel and slander.


Another TIM spreading the same old lie about Rowling, plus attacking her kids for not speaking out against her (suggesting it's about her money). There's also a tweet in the thread in which OP says Rowling will start naming trans people for her followers to go after if she isn't stopped (and by stopped he probably means killed).

How on earth could they interpret this as “jk Rowling wants all trans people killed”?? And their supporters take them seriously when this is clearly a huge cognitive distortion.

i love how they know she's talking about "transwomen" when she says that no category of "men" should have the presumption of innocence

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