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"we aren't going to stand for it"

Ok so you're going to rape women then.

These people are so delusional. They just live in their online bubbles and actually think this.

Lmao at the mutilated penis being indistinguishable from a vagina.

Ikr! Their fetid penishole is literally in the wrong place 😂 anyone who has ever seen real female anatomy should be able to tell immediately

Yeah. They are the ones that have front holes, because that's where the penis is - in the front.

A few of them actually get that it's not genital preferences per se that is why lesbians don't want them. They acknowledge that lesbians don't want them because "some cis lesbians" think "transwomen are men". Except that they call this sexual orientation - lesbianism - "transphobia".

They are obviously wrong about a few things, though.

The men who call themselves "transwomen" are men. Unequivocally. Irrevocably.

The few women who willingly (ie: uncoerced) get with these men are bisexual or heterosexual falsely calling themselves "lesbian". NO lesbian will ever want any of these guys.

The dick (which most of them keep) may be the most sexually disgusting and repulsive thing about them, and any men, for lesbians. But lesbians reject these, and all men, only because they are men. A fauxgina does not sweeten the pot - still men.

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TRA universe swapped genital preference in place of sexual orientation.

It’s easy to do if you deny a person’s sex and want to erase the concept of biological sex completely.

Demanding sex from a lesbian and then despising her for not wanting any intimate relationship with men would be called homophobic if it were allowed now.

The word homophobia and it’s description has been virtually phased out and erased. Preference is their go-to.

“I prefer coffee to tea.” How do you know you don’t like tea if you have never tried it?”

Of course I checked out the guy who says he passed and his vagina totes looks the same. I am not going to click his SRS pics but he does not pass even slightly.

I checked, thanks to my morbid fascination of these Frankenstein creations. Certainly not the worst SRS I’ve seen, but that “vulva” is so disproportionate. Very uncanny valley and discomforting.

Natch also. It looks nothing like a vulva. Enjoy finding your orgasm mate 'too sensitive' is a weird problem... The description of using a vibrator on whatevers left of the peen. What's going on? Oh yes. Your penis inversion ain't a vag'. That.

Such a male body n all. Face pics not the worst I've seen TBF.

I think the face looks very male. You could get fooled by the filters and if you focus on a few features but he looks very male

You're right. I checked the hospital bed shot with the gf and he looks very blokey. Credit to the filter software. Had me fooled for a bit.

Some of us totally pass, some don't pass at all, many are somewhere in the middle.

LOL, this is a huge cope even for a population that's known for cope. A person either "passes" for the opposite sex or they don't. What's "in the middle" of either passing or not passing? If you "kinda pass," you don't pass. If you pass sometimes (in filtered photos or when someone's drunk or whatever), then you don't pass. If you fall "somewhere in the middle" between passing and not passing, you don't pass.

They're too fucking dumb to realize those "offline lesbians" who fuck dudes aren't lesbians lol.

Out of curiosity, I'd really like to know what qualifies as "being hit on" to these people. Accidentally making eye contact?

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Image transcription: r/honesttransgender

Do many trans women actually think it's transphobic for lesbians to not want to date them?

I always assumed it was just another lie, but if it’s true, they need to stop. Genital preference is an acceptable reason not to date someone- hell, any reason is acceptable. We shouldn’t police who people can and can’t date at all. And besides, why would a trans woman want to date someone who doesn’t view them as an actual woman anyway? Plus, there's the fact that pushing this view just makes people more likely to turn against us.


Among the under 40 crowd, even cis lesbians think it's transphobic. The reason why so many online lesbians complain about it is because the lesbian community doesn't let them get away with it. People are free to date and reject as they see fit but no one is going to stand for "it's because you're trans."

A lot of people are very transphobic, including a lot of queer people, but lesbians are not the problem. That fight has been pretty much won and lesbians are definitely trans people's number 1 ally and it's not really close.

hell, any reason is acceptable

Transphobia being an acceptable reason not to date someone (which it is), doesn't stop it from being transphobia

I think it's transphobic if someone doesn't wanna date me just because I'm trans. Now, mind, I'm post-op. My vagina should be pretty well within the standard variance you'd get with a cis vagina, very minor differences, and you wouldn't even know unless you were a gynecologist anyway. Realistically speaking the differences aren't enough. I'm also really fortunate in that I pass too, so I often get hit on by cis lesbians when I go out. (I live in a gay neighborhood)

Now... if a lesbian, or anyone for that matter, doesn't want to date someone with a dick, that's completely fine. But not wanting to date someone simply because they're trans and nothing more? Yeah that's transphobic.

And don't worry, I'm not bitter or anything, I'm in a happy lesbian relationship of my own with no desire to go out and add more lesbians to my romantic life right now.

By itself, I don't think most trans women view it as transphobic. Where it does become transphobic is when cis lesbians say stuff like, "We, actual lesbians™️, don't want to date trans women because we view them as men".

I mean it depends on a lesbian rejecting a transwoman. If it's on the basis of flat out rejection, because they view transwomen as men, then yes it's transphobic.

If it's on the basis of genital preference, then no it's not. The rest is whether you're attracted to how someone looks.

It's not about forcing anyone to date someone they don't want to date. But it's worth pointing out that if a cis lesbian says "I'm not attracted to any trans women" , then there's a good chance that's coming from a place of transphobia (in the prejudice sense, not outright hatred necessarily).

That doesn't mean they have to go out and date a trans woman to prove that they are a good and righteous person. But it's worth examining where this idea comes from. Trans women aren't all alike. We don't look alike, act alike, or have the same set of genitals. Some of us totally pass, some don't pass at all, many are somewhere in the middle. To make a blanket statement that none of us are attractive to a person who is attracted to women just might be due to some transphobic beliefs.

It's like when people say "I'm not attracted to [racial group]". It's not a stretch to say they may have some racist attitudes that they may want to examine. But no one says they must force themselves to date someone of that race in order to prove their virtue.

There's more nuance here that gets lost in "if you don't do X then you are a Bad Person" rhetoric, on both sides of the argument.

Archive link.

It seems that some of them think it's ok to reject them because of "genital preference" or because they aren't "cis" lesbians. Even the ones who say it's racist to not want to date people of certain races seem to understand that it's normal and acceptable to have dating preferences and prejudices, and that women shouldn't be forced to date people who fall outside of their preferred group. The one thing that they all draw the line at though, is rejecting them because they are men. Many of them would prefer to tell themselves that a lesbian rebuffed their advances because she isn't into blue eyes or isn't attracted to red lipstick rather than because she knows he is a man.

Made the mistake of looking through more replies on Reddit. Some real hoops being jumped through to convince themselves a “neo vagina” is the same thing as an actual vagina…

That’s because during penile inversion surgery, tissues from the penis are arranged into a new vagina. As penises and vaginas are made from the same tissues, the new vagina will, in most cases, act like any other vagina

If it wasn’t already clear that they have no actual understanding of women’s anatomy:

And yes, the “muscle structure” is the same. It’s the pelvic floor muscles, same as all men and women have.

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