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Lol okay, lady. Lead the way. You can be the first volunteer to "service" all those poor, depressed men. Be the change you want to see.

It's basically this comic

She's allegedly an ex-stripper who did it to pay for college. That's not the same as what she's advocating for though, as in having intercourse with a man. Her twitter bio:

(she/her) Public health activist • Grassroots Organizer • Soccer coach • 2022 Philadelphia Congressional candidate

She has merchandise too that says "elect hoes" and "voting makes me horny"

So she's a very ill and traumatized woman who harms herself through sex. And she wants to push other women into punishing themselves through sex, and appealing to our socialization/grooming of guilt and self-sacrifice.

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The only career progression within the sexploitation industry is from prostituted to pimp.

Oh now I remember seeing a news segment on her. And how she was a former stripper running for congress.

I thought at the time that she definitely isn’t going to win. It’s hard enough for female politicians who went a traditional route. A former stripper definitely isn’t getting elected. Maybe she thinking if she panders to men they will like her and vote for her lol.

I laughed so hard and unexpectedly that I nearly shot my drink out of my nose. That is highly accurate.

I love how these sex positive libfems never put their bodies on the line for this shit

That was my first reaction too. She just needs to get out there and get to "business."

Man, I remember the days of older sisters and moms and girl friends telling the younger ones "no one ever died of blue balls, always feel okay with saying no." That was good advice.

"You have to have sex with these idiotmen or else they'll kill themselves :("

Not a compelling argument. Natural selection and all that.

"You have to have sex with these idiotmen or else they'll kill themselves :("

Her argument is worse! Her argument is: "If you don't fuck these guys, it'll be YOUR fault if one of them shoots up a school or a sorority or whatever"

Which rules of misogyny is that? 1, 2 and 16?

Which rules of misogyny is that? 1, 2 and 16?

This woman took the whole goddam list and made it her campaign platform!

Lol. Right? People keep trying to blackmail me about how men will kill themselves if I don't agree to be their toilet.

Well, good.

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Prostituted women have a very high suicide rate, but doubt that would carry as much weight for her.

Editing to add: one of the things that often gets brought up as an explanation for 'sex workers' is drug addiction, that they fell into prostitution to pay for a habit. What many survivors (and friends and relatives) of even the most "willing" side of the whole thing say is that they got into it for the money...and started abusing substances to numb themselves out to the trauma of it enough to be able to keep doing it.

I am so done with anyone willing to sacrifice women to bolster up the very worst of men. Done with women being forced to cater to the worst desires of scumbags.

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The traumatic brain injury rate among prostituted women is shocking.

Violence is pervasive in prostitution and can cause traumatic brain injury (TBI). This study estimated the prevalence and demographic correlates of TBI among 66 women and transwomen in prostitution. Ninety-five percent had sustained head injuries, either by being hit in the head with objects and/or having their heads slammed into objects. Sixty-one percent had sustained head injuries in prostitution. The women described acute and chronic symptoms resulting from head injury and/or concussions. These included dizziness, depressed mood, headache, sleep difficulty, poor concentration, memory problems, difficulty following directions, low frustration tolerance, fatigue, and appetite and weight changes. Screening for TBI is crucial to the care of prostituted women.

Anyone who advocates throwing prostitutes toward incels is a misogynist, full stop.

Thanks for adding this. It's always so disingenuous for people to pretend prostitution is just about 'sex' (even though even sex isn't just about 'sex'). That may be the sales pitch to lure women into it, just a service, but so many damn men think they're paying to rent a woman to do whatever they want to her, and they're the ones with the power in the situation. Men renting women to humiliate, to abuse, to inflict things a woman who wasn't beat down or desperate wouldn't put up with...and worse.

Choking also has skyrocketed, and that can carry a lot of hidden health problems as well, including causing strokes days, weeks, sometimes even months later.

My body isn’t a prize to be given to shitty men so they don’t kill people.

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Am I supposed to care if men are depressed and suicidal because of lack of sex? Lmao

She thinks we should care? Lmao

Anyway I’m reminded about some libfem who made a documentary about MRAs and I think she was easily swayed by them and start sympathizing with them. Liberal “feminism” just preps women to be MRA cheerleaders.

Thanks to libfems most now associate "feminism" with prostitution, sleeping around with as many hookups as possible, doing porn, men make better women than women, makeup is awesome, oh and maybe abortion too.

Are you anti-choice?

No. I'm just acknowledging that libfems also support abortion, and that often times "women's rights" especially when coming out of politician's months often is code for abortion while ignoring everything else (ie see Dems midterm campaigns)

The audacity to bring up MeToo and try to relate a man's "need" for sex to it. Disgusting.

How tf does decriminalizing sex work lead to “healthy, positive, consensual sex”? Because paid rape is so positive and healthy, right? And “[men] should have a right to sex whenever they want to” jesus christ. Women have such low standards for men already so it’s really saying something that these males are unsuccessful in finding a partner.

Oh and the “the poor menz will kill themselves if they don’t get sex!!!” like that’s the problem and not the increased violence against women which certainly won’t be fixed by this handmaiden’s idiotic proposal.

Ugghh I hate seeing such horrifyingly stupid takes coming from a woman.

This. I'll play devil's advocate and say she's advocating for destigmatized, legalized sex work in some utopia where exploitation of women in that field isn't a thing. Cool.

Does she really think transactional passionless sex will lead to fulfillment in incel-identifying men? That all the men who fantasize about anime best girls and waifus will be satisfied with paying $200+ a pop for generic one-night stands? With women they know they're "sharing" with the rest of the incel crowd?

The "sex" isn't the issue. The lack of intimacy is. And legalizing and promoting prostitution won't change that; it'll just heighten the objectification of women that's already there.

I think it's probably the other way around. Joblessness and depression is making them less likely to have sexual partners. And why hurt women further be decriminalizing prostitution for men who probably can't pay anyway. I know it's whataboutism, but there are so many more important issues.

As a somewhat young, single woman, this is it. If he's unkempt and unproductive, I am 100% not interested.

I work to be a good version of myself, and expect the same from partners.

We could do something like Medicaid or food stamps but for sex. /s

Does she think we're going to be more willing to have sex with men after she's gone on and on about how violent and dysfunctional they'd be otherwise? She's putting in a good word for them and all it's done is make me despise them more to be honest.

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girl, no matter how much a man is threatening suicide to get me to have sex with him, I'm not touching that crusty ass with a 10 foot pole. nope.

the best way to get all women to avoid you sexually is to demand sex from us.


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