That’s what libfeminism is in a nutshell. EVERYTHING is a feminist act. It’s utterly meaningless. This breakfast announcement could’ve been said by a woman in the Duggar family, except “feminist” was tacked onto it.

Being choked and slapped, cheated on by a “polyamorous” male, throwing sex workers under the bus for men, role playing as a child for your pedo boyfriend, playing the submissive 1950s housewife “ironically,” teaching preteen girls to hate their bodies and their makeup-free natural faces, applauding men while they walk around with their dick out in a women’s spa, sending male serial killers into women’s prisons…you name it, it’s a “feminist statement” for these clowns.

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Why does anyone listen to this sheltered, overprivileged, woman? She is no role model. She is a grifter just like Trump, peddling woo, sometimes dangerous woo, to women. When she first started Goop, it was going to be a Conde Nast project. She decided to do it without Conde Nast because they insisted that the claims Goop made had to be fact checked and she did not want that. It is hard to make money by telling women to shove stone eggs up their vaginas if you have to consult with a medical professional before claiming it is safe to do.

I have moved beyond caring about what celebrities do and say, and I don't really know much about Paltrow and what she is peddling. That said, sticking a stone up my vag still sounds a lot healthier than the carcinogen-filled tampons I used to put up there that are considered "safe" by the medical authorities.

It's like people over a certain age just forgot that making husbands breakfast/lunch/dinner was demanded of women for, i don't know, hundreds of years?? What's next, is it feminist to quit your job and pump out 2.5 babies and clean the entire house before he gets home from work? Jesus....

According to TikTok, yes. According to women who say they want the “soft life,” yes.

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She’s an airhead who was once a busy actress and is now desperately trying to stay relevant. She should just shut up and live her life.

What is a "boyfriend breakfast"? Also : I still find it odd to actually cook breakfast. At my house, the only "cooked breakfast" we ever have is the occasional scrambled egg. I feel like the queen of England when the Nigel whips it up.

I shall henceforth claim to make a feminist statement by eating food prepared by the Nigel.

Man, I was expecting a boyfriend breakfast to be like the husband breakfast in my house, where the husband cooks a full breakfast for everyone and I stay in bed until lunch time.

What is a "boyfriend breakfast"?

Maybe she serves it to him out of her cleavage like he’s Frank Sinatra.

Eew. Now I can't stop thinking about breakfast foods which are cooked, pourable but also solid enough to stick in your cleveage. Scrambled eggs, I guess. Won't be eating them for a while now due to mental image.

My husband likes bringing me breakfast and I don't have it in me to tell him I hate it. Like I don't want to eat heavy eggs and bread in the morning, I like avocados and fruit or whatever but I always wake up later than him and I don't want to be mean 🤣

Just tell him you'd prefer some fruit with it next time. And then next time tell him you love the fruit but you're not a fan of toast. Giving some feedback isn't being mean.

Haha, you should talk to him soon - I have a neighbor who has made it his mission to ring the doorbell for my cat. All the cat wants is to chill on the doorstep. The neighbor however thinks he is locked out. So he rings the doorbell. All the time. Cat hates it, we hate it, but we have let it go on for too long. Actually the Nigel is currently baking him a thank you cake for always looking out for the cat.

So - you may want to have this conversation before your Nigel brings you a steak dinner at six in the morning.

Now you’re training the neighbor to ring the doorbell for cake!

Everything about this is so hilarious to me. Thanks for sharing your story. Please post an update on this situation at some point.

I literally laughed outloud and read this to my husband, who also thought it was hilarious.

Awww. Many years ago I had a lovely Nigel who started work early - I was a student at the time so got to sleep in - and every morning he would bring me a cuppa. And every morning I would fall back to sleep and awaken with cold tea beside the bed. It was a sweet gesture though.

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I really wish she would shut the F up. She is a big attention seeker. Always looking to sound shocking in some way. Two or three years ago we all had to hear about her vagina smells.. and other BS now this.

Oh Gwen, f**k off.

I'm sick of people using words they don't understand. And f**k celebrities.

I have no idea who that man is but look at that creepy smirk. I wouldn’t be in the same room with him, let alone cook him breakfast. Bad choice, Gwynnie.

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