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Bro thinks he's some kind of genius for being manic and confusing to people that love him.

Never keep people around who do this kind of crap. Anyone who thinks it’s fun to make someone else look stupid is a piece of trash.

See also, assholes who like to make people look stupid on April Fools day.

Man describes one of the lessons of male socialization that he has learned well.

They can't fathom why women would rather be "childless with cats". Like they mock women as if being with someone like that is preferable to chilling out on your own. I would rather kill myself than have to live out the rest of my life with someone who tortures me on purpose.

I don't even know what he is saying. "Honest but in a lying way"? Sounds like you're gaslighting your girlfriend, bro.

yeah that bit bothers me too. I think it's some sort of way he justifies that it doesn't make him a terrible person.

reminds me of that streamer with her husband recently. "i only said -bad thing- to prove you only focus on bad things!"

Transcript [youtube comment]:

Yeah women are definitely confused sometimes but you can use that to your advantage if you know what you're doing. Sometimes I even like to confuse my girlfriend to keep her on her toes. Why are you saying this why are you doing that. Because you are asking why that's why. But I am still being honest with her but I am honest in a lying way.

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This is an MRA tactic. Keeping her off-balance / on her toes is a form of gaslighting to make her constantly unsure of his mood and motivation. It forces her into a corner where she never knows if he’s going to be nice to her or cruel. Abuse 101 — as taught to many a scrote by multiple subreddits.