What is so important about euphoria and them feeling it? Everything is about them feeling euphoria. Using women's restrooms? Euphoria. Carrying tampons around? Euphoria. All this is is a feeling. This short-lived, fleeting moment, is apparently so important that women are having to sacrifice their rights, spaces, and sanity so men can fell "euphoric" for 10 minutes. It's so insulting and dehumanizing. For a measly 10 minutes of bliss, women are being trampled over. For a fleeting feeling!

Gender euphoria = arousal. That is why TIMs chase after it and TIFs elate over it when it happens.

Do they realize that women don't speak like this? Their style of speaking, their analogies, it's so very male. They couldn't be more unwomanly if they tried. You can cut off your penis and take hormones, but everything about you still screams male. It's embarrassing how unaware they are.

I mean I feel like he is aware, referring to your cock and balls as a dwarf planet isn't something you do if you have "dysphoria". He's saying he's built like a linebacker and hung like a Greek god, he knows what he's doing. (Also lol)

His princess wand and magic crystals??????

😆 I can just imagine this dude sitting at his computer and pondering “ I really want to humble-brag about my dick and balls, but it needs to be done in a suuuuuper girly way. How do I do that? Hmmmm….oh, I know!” 🪄🔮🔮

Ah, so I was right in guessing he was finding a delightful and whimsical way to bring up his penis and testicle?

I wanna get a gaff so bad but they are so fettishy on Amazon


💀 Yeah, got some shocking news for ya, bud. You might wanna sit down for this.

It might be because I just woke up from a nap, but it took me forever to figure out what the princess wand and crystals were.