I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the kind of man who will force his way into women’s spaces over women’s objections is the exact kind of man who shouldn’t be allowed near women.

Concerning sports, men who muscle their way into women’s sports absolutely will not hold back to avoid injuring, or even killing, their female opponents.

Saw this today on Reddit, and while I detest Rand Paul, that comment was literally ridiculous.

A lot of the "playing dumb" comments done by TRAs are 100% deliberate and is a tactic to gaslight and divert/distract/derail the topic.

Yeah, like when the story about the raped child in Ohio that had to go out of town state to get an abortion came out, so many anti women ideologues said that had nothing to do with Roe being overturned... It is the exact same issue

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I'm pretty sure that even when I was at my most live and let live when it came to TIM's I would have recognized the political relevance.

Anyone who doesn't is either playing dumb or actually dumb.