Hahahahaha! Oh, boychild, you're in for a rude awakening if you think men are here to cater to women's needs.

[–] BlackCirce enby jinping 54 points

Another one who is irrationally mad at “terfs” for his own actions. Yeah he’s embracing sex stereotypes. To him man = stoic, hardworking, tough, yadda. Woman = soft, weak, lazy, showered with love and affection (what?) treated like a “princess” in a movie or fantasy novel.

By all means he can be a soft handed fop. He can go get coiffed and manicured and prance about in his silk finery with pearls. He can take up philosophy, painting, poetry. He can laze about in salons drinking wine. He can collect men who admire his coquettishness and want to go to bed with him. Why the fuck would I care?

But he would still be a man. And that lifestyle is not what most women experience, ever, even if they happen to be of royal blood. No matter how much feminizing artifice he piles on himself, he will never be married off to an older male to breed more royals. He will never have a period. He will never be bred to death.

[–] MenHaveItEasy Moid Respecter 14 points

He's lazy too. He'd never put any effort into any of the above suggestions, even purely leisurely activities that someone who's stereotypically rich and care free would enjoy. Not even drinking with friends because socializing too hard and he's so tired of jerking off all day.

That's why these incels trans out. They will not lift a finger to improve their own lives, that they fantasize about how they think women have it so easy.

They literally romanticize the life of a coma patient. Someone who never gets out of bed, cannot do anything for themselves and is cared for 24/7. Thing is, even those coma patients made the effort to be someone worth loving before becoming bedridden. If you're a miserable, selfish sloth, nobody is going to give two shits about you.

That's what's funny about the twans community. They have opportunities to find friends, love and happiness. They're backed by rich and powerful people, companies and governments, get so much attention and fanfare just for existing, and never be held accountable for being violent, sexual criminals, but they're still miserable and alone. Because most of them are narcissistic, perverted coomers who only care about their own gratification. Whenever a TIP dies alone, the TRA community comes out of the woodwork to pretend that this person was well loved when actually they only give a shit if you can be used as a political telling u point for their own benefit.

Coma patients don’t throw tantrums though, and “emotionally stoic” is one of the expectations he objects to. He wants to be allowed to treat everyone around him like shit with no repercussions.

I think these guys want to be coddled like newborn babies. But babies get away with their shit by being cute.

In order to have the gentle lifestyle he wants, male or female, he needs money

“I want to be catered to every waking hour” is such typical male entitlement.

Especially funny because you can bet this loser is “catered to every waking hour” by either his mother or his partner depending on his age or basement dwelling status.

It’s women who do the catering, you entitled, misogynistic little twerp 🙄

[–] IntuitiveStains 38 points Edited

This dude thinks that men have some sort of proclivity for "hard laborious work," and inversely, that the desire to not do hard work is somehow innately feminine.

Hey, dipshit, not wanting to do work is just called being a human. No one likes hard laborious work. Everyone would love to be spoiled. What you're finding out about yourself is actually just regressive sex stereotypes that have existed as long as society has.

What a dingus.

It's so fucking stupid. "I don't like working so I'm not a man".... this dude is just so dumb it's almost leaving me speechless.

Also.. as if taking care of children and an entire households chores and dinner every single day isn't a labor intensive job, like women have been expected to do and "associated with" since the beginning of time.

Women work objectively harder than men in every society, because patriarchy entails male exploitation of women’s bodies and labour. Men stereotyping women as lazy is of course part of how the exploitation works. It’s like men stereotyping women as talking too much, or men stereotyping women as materialistic, or men stereotyping women as airheads... shaming women into working hard and being quiet and demanding nothing and taking care of all life’s practicalities on behalf of men. This guy wants to act out a creepy inverted image of womanhood birthed out of male entitlement, hatred and resentment.

Ironically he probably already is as useless as he aspires to be. I hope whoever’s supporting him wises up and cuts the cord.

I come from a long line of manual labourers and the women did just as much labour as the men - only difference being slightly less heavy lifting.

[–] otterstrom 29 points Edited

“Terfs will accuse me of embracing gender stereotypes but I just wanna be a princess”

….. they’re not even giving us a job to do here anymore

I don’t get it. Is he a lumberjack? A ditch digger? A…whaler? What “grueling laborious work” is he doing?

some people (including terfs) will accuse me of embracing gender stereotypes and gender roles... Because I am.

The use of the word "simping" tells you everything you have to know about this incel.

You just know he’s sneered at women who turned 30 and “hit the wall”.

Something that weirdly never happens to “trans girls”.

Oh, yeah, getting up early to make breakfast and lunches for the family, working a day job, shopping for groceries on the way home, picking up some random craft supply the kids need to take to school tomorrow, unloading the car, feeding the dog, yelling at someone, anyone to take the dog for a walk, making dinner, throwing in a couple of loads of laundry, folding the laundry, picking up the lego you stepped on, flopping into bed with wet hair from your shower…women have it so easy.

I still long to make a movie where a 40 year old TIM wakes up and finds himself a real 40 year old woman... with all the labour that entails.

This is such a great idea for a movie but it would never get made.

Has anyone else noticed that some actual women talk about this a lot too? The whole new tradwife fantasy is really giving me the creeps. I’ve especially seen this among black women saying that they do not want to work and want to be seen as beautiful and given a “soft life” (exact wording) that they were never afforded the way white women were.

There’s some kind of big disconnect happening among actual women and I think that white women are missing the history to fully understand it. I think we take it for granted that men are going to respond a certain way for us, and while we’ve fought against being pedestalized, other women with a different history are going to have different feelings about it.

I don’t know how to bridge that gap.

This is way off-topic I know, but I’ve been wondering about this for ages and honestly don’t know how to ask or make a post about it without being inadvertently rude. But I think we need to figure it out so we can all understand and help each other out.

The white women I'm descended from were cleaners and laundry workers and farmers AND mothers and unpaid domestic labourers. I have the softest life of all of them.

Two words: cloth diapers.

Before disposable diapers, any mother who couldn’t afford a maid or nanny spent years of her life washing out (literally) shitty diapers.

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 3 points

Same here. My grandmother had ten children. Grandfather was a plumber, and all this during the Great Depression.

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