Peak the Jews at your peril, asshole

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Show this to Jamie Lee Curtis, though I'm sure she will keep denying it.

Many leading radfem writers and activists are Jewish.

We know what denial of reality can lead to.

I’ve always loved learning about history. There’s an excellent Holocaust museum in my state and it was truly sobering walking through it. This new Holocaust denialism is sneaky because gay men and women were labeled as inferiors and rounded up and it is critical we remember them. But the primary victims were Jews, and Roma, the disabled, Slavs, not men and their Barbie wands. I almost get the feeling that the trans cult want to have been victims of the Holocaust so they can claim oppression points, or so they can continue to compare JKR and woman-only restrooms to Hitler.

I was just in a war museum this weekend and read that the people who lived near Flossenbürg denied the existence of the camp, so the US army made them bury the victims. How could you deny it happened when you’re lifting an 70lb deceased adult man into a grave? The footage that was recorded of that event is horrible. If these assholes stopped looking at their dicks for one hour and actually went to a Holocaust museum, saw how things escalated from political tension to outright genocide, saw the mass graves, the skeletal children, the little cloth patches that condemned millions to death, they’d realize there’s much bigger problems in this world than your “brain gender”.

I think you're forgetting how many trans people are unapologetic nazis. They would either deny it or think its awesome.

True! I mistakenly gave them the benefit of the doubt and assumed they had normal human empathy. The Nazi to trans pipeline is strong.

Sorry, what? Didn't Nazis play a part in creating what we now know as "trans", what with developing the surgeries? And any cross-dressers probably would have been assumed gay. And we have plenty of evidence of Nazi cross-dressing, so clearly they weren't 100% against that sort of thing.

Of the two surgeons who operated on Einar Wegener ("Lili Elbe"), one went on to become a doctor in the German air force during WWII, while the other joined the Nazi party and performed forced sterilizations.

But the Nazis did burn down Magnus Hirschfeld's Institute of Sexology. But I think that's because he was by far the most prominent advocate for the decriminalization of homosexuality going back at least to the Eulenburg affair of 1907. He was Jewish as well.

In my opinion it makes little sense to interpret history in a way to assign blame for Nazi crimes to either side of today's transgenderism debate. I've seen GCs make inaccurate claims, too, like for example saying Hirschfeld was a pedophile when in fact he argued pedophilia was pathological and be treated with castration.

Well said. Unfortunately, it is common practice for trans activists to rewrite history and position trans people as the ultimate victims in every scenario.

The more the hyperbolic rhetoric keeps escalating whereby literally any disagreement with a TIP on anything whatsoever is tantamount to "genocide," and TRAs move the goal posts right out the Overton window, the more we're going to eventually need a post flair for "Trans Issues > The Holocaust." Not to mix metaphors again, but we're going to need a bigger boat for all the sharks being jumped lately. Roy Scheider by way of Arthur Fonzarelli.

Interesting that somehow TRAs' ugly antisemitism gets nowhere near the attention of Kanye West's.

Hilarious because there still exist numerous photos of NAZI men dressed in women's clothing. They are obsessed with stealing everyone else's oppression.

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I need more context here. Of course Jews were the primary victims, but in some contexts it may make sense to point out other victims instead if the conversation before that revolved around another group. How did trans people and the Holocaust come up?

The tweet being quoted is a response to a tweet reading "Please visit a Holocaust museum, Erin, and learn what “genocide” actually looks like instead of cherry-picking definitions and torturing logic to invent a justification for making people who identify as trans feel terrified when, in reality, they are perfectly safe," which was in response to the claim that there is a genocide against trans people.

I am not sure how it came up in that conversation, but now when some people speak of gay and bi men (and to a lesser extent, lesbians) being persecuted and killed by the Nazis, they say it was a genocide of "LGBTQI" people, completely rewriting history.