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You're not misogynistic, you're just resentful of cis women for having something you don't due to a transphobic society.

Anything to excuse these freaks, I swear. OP sounds like he’s on the brink of going on a mass shooting targeting women, and they’re just giving each other asspats and commiserating.

Transphobic society reality. Women didn’t do a damn thing to you.

Yep! Our existence is “invalidating” to them so they expect us to continuously apologize for existing. They’re textbook narcissists, enraged that reality doesn’t assuage their wounded egos.

for the time being, I’m sort of living with it like the sickness it is

Go live with your sickness somewhere far, far away from us. Stay tf out of our spaces. You are just an AGP MGTOW, so go the fuck on your own way, already, and take the rest of these losers with you.

That’s exactly how I feel about men. Except I have actual concrete reasons for it that no one can deny.

Someone should tell him that plenty of women are misogynistic, and some of those misogynistic women cope by "transitioning" to men. Save us all a little trouble.

The feeling is mutual. Except I don't dream about being like him, that actually would be my worst nightmare.

Ahuh. It's a "sickness." Your feelings are beyond you. You just can't help but hate women, but it's not on you. You're trying to "fix it".