gender cult try not to compare themselves to a group thats been through a genocide challenge: difficulty fucking impossible

Yeah, HMM, I wonder why the dude making explicit anti-Semitic remarks is getting in more hot water than the woman who let me check my notes claimed there's a difference between males and females?

Can't figure it out.

While she also apparently by all accounts continues to be a lovely person to work with, leaves her ego at the door, and basically prints money for anyone licensing her creative works from her.

And while her "canceling" has involved a deluge of horrific threats and truly vile insults, to which she's responded by being somewhat scathing or sarcastic at times, and by holding firm to her statement that women are real and our rights matter.

They also think JKR is anti-Semitic herself, so in their mind she's anti-Semitic AND transphobic, which is double bad and worth double the cancelling.

Ah yes, the modern rewriting of JKRs own work to suppose it was always full of racist and sexist subtext. You know, like how they think the goblins are an anti-Semitic depiction of jewish people, an accusation that says far more about themselves than the actual work of Harry Potter.

Yup. That aspect is pretty fucking exhausting, isn't it? The worst take of all is "harry potter ends with him becoming a cop." Like, no, not really, but even if he did become a cop, the whole fucking story was written several decades before any of the BLM riots and anti-cop hysteria becoming a mainstream talking point. What do they expect?

A guy I know said JK was racist because she used obviously “foreign” names, e.g. Cho Chang. He was partially joking, but also not. He only backed down when I brought up Blaise Zabini being black.

saying that america is more advanced with womens rights (????) and that you were the primary victim of the holocaust is insane, these dudes 🤦‍♀️. tho I like the admittance that radfems don't do anything violent, tend to be intelligent and its just male emotional butthurt that's the problem, peaceful queens.

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why are they blaming the subtlety of her alleged transphobia when it’s their own community that can’t let go of the Harry Potter franchise? “Cancelation” is just a fancy word for a social media assisted boycott. Their boycott failed and JKR’s IP continues to make her rich af 😆

Seriously, there are heaps of old boarding school books they could read and scream about. I suggest Eric, or Little by Little, with a side order of St Winifreds.


Maybe it’s because outside of TRA circles, people know she’s right?