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The worst transphobia I've experienced has been from black people.

Love that for us πŸ€— πŸ–€

Worst event in US history?

  • Indigenous genocide
  • Chattel slavery
  • Witch hunts
  • Man in dress getting called "Sir"
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Not capitulating to insane demands to be seen as the opposite sex has literally nothing to do with racism or homophobia and I sleep peacefully at night knowing this :)

"Scratch back the surface and you will see it for what it is." - TRA then makes racist comment. πŸ˜‚

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White, black, brown people can be absolutely fucking vicious to us. The worst transphobia I've experienced has been from black people. Don't downplay transphobia. Don't act like these people are on your side because they're minorities, too. They aren't. They will happily work together to see trans people eliminated from life.

Dear Mr. TitsUpYo:

As an angry white man, we value your opinions greatly. There are no other opinions of consequence in truth

How can we best serve you in dealing with β€œthese people” as you say?

We have handmaidens standing by to help you have fucking everything. Do not hesitate to contact us if anyone tries to deny you Something you want. Or, for any inconvenience you may encounter ever.

Please forward this information to Taco-Cravr. There were several accounts with this name. None actually craving Mexican food

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😭 print this out and leave it in pro-trans establishments

And when will they realize that you don't need medications and surgeries to be a proud black or gay person? When will they realize that loving and accepting yourself for who you really are is worth promoting and fighting for? When will they realize that "call me X or I'll kill myself" isn't remotely healthy?

When will they realize that we don't agree with anorexics when they say they're fat and we definitely don't pay for them to get liposuction? When will they realize that we don't tell schizophrenics to listen to the voices in their head?

Victimhood is like their full time identity, they are not happy unless they perceive themselves as oppressed victims.

Kanye West has bipolar disorder and is unmedicated. He's been mentally unwell for over a decade.

But Kanye's actions are proof that TERFs will start blaming Jewish people soon? πŸ€” This person is dumb dumb.

black people and women being viewed in law as property basically hasn't changed for TIPs. the law has changed but their co-option of struggles for emancipation and usage of people as props suggests that under the surface, their views are very old fashioned. and not in a good way.

i honestly think half their victimhood obsession comes from the sociopathic transactional view of relationships they seem to have. they assume everyone else is out to take as much advantage of people as they are.

At least this one admitted that there isn't an actual trans genocide yet. A rare shaft of light in the otherwise dense obscurity of false victimhood.

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