Last time I checked, Mrs Doubtfire, Tootsie and Bugs Bunny didn' t twerk their crotch in front of children in strip clubs, but maybe I am remembering my childhood wrong.

I have pondered this before, but I can't get over it: I pride myself in my ability to amuse the 5-12 crowd. I drink pretend tea and pretend die from pretend gun fire with the best of them, I'm great at picking out reading material that capture the audience, read it out loud in satisfactory ways and lead a mean follow - up Q&A on the books. I don't necessarily enjoy any of it, but I'm rather good at it. And I just don't understand - how would being in drag somehow improve any of this? Why would kids like having a lace-covered crotch in their faces while listening to riveting tales of sexual liberation? None of this seems to be kids wheelhouse? Okay, most kids enjoy playing dress up, but would they then not just make the connection "drag is dress up", which seems to go against the whole twaw/tmam rhetoric?