Seriously, this one demonstrates the subjugation of women in society. “Some women have penises” is a slogan. I’ve never heard “some men have breasts” as a rallying cry. No, women need binders and mastectomy’s to be men. We obviously still know who the females are, because they always have to meet a higher bar of entry to be considered valid for anything.

And Mulvaney gets to meet with the president.

He loses nothing and gains every damned thing

Mulvaney makes an entire career out of his “girlhood”. Opportunities for Paige rapidly dry up.

True, but are there really opportunities for super short men (who aren’t little people) in Hollywood? I’d argue not.

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I just checked her IMDB once I saw your comment, and her next two projects are voice acting. There's one more without any real info, but it's still...odd. More or less what I expected, though. I saw that she's 5'1"... men that small don't exist in Hollywood unless it's comedy or they're some sci-fi "freak" character. It's gonna be tough!

I disagree , Tom Cruise is short. Many comedians who break into mainstream movies aren’t particularly tall. Lots of child actors who move into adult roles are often short because short children remain believable in child roles longer than tall ones.

The bottom line is that men are extended much more grace and credibility, regardless of their gender identity, than women. You see a fair number of men getting roles as female characters, but not the opposite. EP is the only prominent FtM actress I can think of off the top of my head, but she achieved fame as a waifish girl. On the other hand I can think of Laverne Cox, Janet Mock, and Hari Nef who all got big, mainstream roles as TiMs, just off the top of my head.

TIFs still pass better

True. I’ve seen TIFs who I assumed were male until the creaky voice gave it away, but I’ve never seen a TIM and thought he was a woman.