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He doesn’t think as a “male feminist” “ally” whatever that if a woman is saying he’s being misogynistic, that’s not important? What’s even the point then?

Oh goddess I love her!!!! I don't know how she can stand it being in the Labour Party at the moment but I sure as hell am glad that she's sticking it out. It gives me a lot of hope. She's absolutely awesome. Is it too much to hope that she could one day be PM?

I'm so impressed by her courage. Labour's treatment of her is absolutely shameful. Wish I could give her a big hug.

SAME HERE. The way she speaks out is absolutely fearless but at the same time I know it must be really stressful for her. She has a whole massive ton of integrity, something in short supply in UK politics right now.

Been laughing since yesterday. Love Rosie Duffield's response. 😁

And Billy's still digging: https://twitter.com/billybragg/status/1586379871512510465

What a wanka!!

If he were to virtue signal in a forrest with nobody around to hear it, would it be as useless?

The analogy is also stupid…anti-trans is to misogyny what anti-abortion is to killing babies? Well…yeah…if you’re against transgenderism you do think it thrives through misogyny and if you’re against abortion you do see it as killing babies. I’m having trouble fathoming the “gotcha, stupid!” analogy he thought he was making.

Maybe it’s something like…pro life people are stupid because they don’t see it’s not actually a baby and anti-trans people are stupid because they don’t see that its proliferation isn’t fueled by misogyny? Except…again, each of these groups of people do indeed see it that way 🧐