Huh...I better tell the majority of women I know that sometimes get irritated by babies----this includes mothers----that they are really men!

Women don't obsess over babies...I have literally never met one that did.

And acting like it’s an essential female trait waiting to be activated by injecting estrogen for a little bit?? Talk about insulting

Yeah I thought that was a made up thing by male television writers, lol

It totally is, hence why most TIMs, whose understanding of women is solely informed by tv or porn, always parrot the same tired stereotypes about us.

Let me introduce you to my horrible mother-in-law. She is obsessed with her granddaughters (to an unhealthy degree). If I didn't watch her like a hawk I'm certain she would have tried to breastfeed them.

Gross. I guess it is more like, being obsessed with babies to the degree you want to take care of all of them is beyond creepy and reeks of narcissism.

Right. "I'm so womanly and maternal, look at how I love all these babies that aren't mine!" 🙄

I've known some who did - one who felt addicted to pregnancy and a baby at the breast. Her husband turned out to be a molester so in retrospect maybe she was trying to hold his probably creepy sex at bay.

I mean, I love babies and kids, but literally nothing of what this dude is describing has ever happened to me. I just find them cute and adorable, I never think of their smell or anything. And the sound of a baby crying is distressing, I can't help but think that the baby is uncomfortable or in pain.

Same. I'm 6 months pregnant and my hormones are in overdrive and I can safely say that I haven't felt anything even remotely close to what this man is describing either. The only thing I've been smelling is the Flaming Hot Cheetos, but that's probably because I constantly crave them.

I find it really funny that these clowns go on estrogen for 1 month and suddenly they're the more feminine and more maternal than cis women. Also, it sounds like he's fetishizing babies as some kind of accessory or plaything. Honestly, if a TIM had the "urge" to randomly pick up my crying child, he'd get a kick straight in his nards.