Huh...I better tell the majority of women I know that sometimes get irritated by babies----this includes mothers----that they are really men!

Women don't obsess over babies...I have literally never met one that did.

I mean, I love babies and kids, but literally nothing of what this dude is describing has ever happened to me. I just find them cute and adorable, I never think of their smell or anything. And the sound of a baby crying is distressing, I can't help but think that the baby is uncomfortable or in pain.

Same. I'm 6 months pregnant and my hormones are in overdrive and I can safely say that I haven't felt anything even remotely close to what this man is describing either. The only thing I've been smelling is the Flaming Hot Cheetos, but that's probably because I constantly crave them.

I find it really funny that these clowns go on estrogen for 1 month and suddenly they're the more feminine and more maternal than cis women. Also, it sounds like he's fetishizing babies as some kind of accessory or plaything. Honestly, if a TIM had the "urge" to randomly pick up my crying child, he'd get a kick straight in his nards.