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When I hear a baby crying in public I get super irritated because I'm usually working and the parent is making no attempt to quiet their child AND because the sound really can be obnoxious. And that's creepy either way. I would run if heard my young cousin crying or someone else I care about/know, not to some randos baby I heard in public.

I love the reducing of women down to "want babies :(" as well, all because guy took hormones, like wow women have been fighting to be seen as more than just child bearers forever

I, a non parent who loves babies and kids, get upset. I often wonder if I'd have been an abusive parent due to how awfully sad the cry makes me. They sometimes get a cry of existential angst, not dirty diaper or hunger or pain, and it makes me want to join in. I KNOW, LITTLE BABY. I KNOW.

Same. I find the sound of their crying or screaming in public extremely annoying. Doesn’t produce run-over-and-soothe-the-infant feelings at all. More like “get the hell out of there if the parent can’t or won’t quiet the kid.”