I remember learning in school (long ago) that a baby's cry is biologically designed to be really annoying. It drives the caregiver to go and fix whatever is wrong ASAP. It's not supposed to be enjoyable whatsoever. Just more proof that it's all an act for them

I swear you could give a TIM placebo hormones and he'd still act like a regressive stereotype.

Anyone who talks about new baby smell like that and hasn’t been pregnant or given birth to the child in question is really disturbing for me.

God, they really never do cease being literally the most misogynistic dickweeds, do they?

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So I always thought this WAS a biology thing? When I hear a baby cry vs when my male SO hears a baby cry is so different. I do get the urge to do something, of course, I don't when its a stranger. However, my SO is so good at tuning it out and me it just keeps my focus.

edit: Not saying I think a tim would get this effect. Also, smell babies? People are weird with that.

How is it a biology thing though and not just a personal feeling? I've always had a deep dislike for babies, like since I was a kid myself

It could be a evolutionary biological instinct. To me it's easy to see what women have been expected to do since humanity came into existence. I think your reaction could be in reaction to how it is supposed to make you feel? Where as men are less likely to have any instinctual reaction.

Brain science, woo woo

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Could this just be for the first time in your life, due to your psychological drive to be a woman, you are hearing a baby cry and acting caring or perhaps having some sympathy for the little babe, rather than as most men (or probably most people) do ignoring it or feeling irritated? Hmmm!

I honestly love babies, and I’ve always felt like, “Oh no baby!” when one is crying around me...but I’ve never felt an urge to go hold him or her because...it’s a baby...that’s not mine...that’s not mine

intense fixation on wanting to come in contact with another person’s baby is not healthy; you are mourning your own baby issues or you are a scary person

They smell babies... I smell desperation and attention-seeking

That feeling you get when a living, helpless thing is in distress and you want to fix it is called "empathy." I find it troubling that he believes it is exclusive to women.

How long before he’s talking openly about his lactation fetish, hmm?

Holy shit you are good. Just posted this from the very same user over in o/itsafetish. Lactation fetish confirmed.

It’s me super-keen tortie senses, lol.

Edit - or not; I had seen that one but didn’t know it was the same creep!

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