I feel and think like a cisgender man.

I have yet to see someone making this claim try and explain just how exactly do men/women feel and think.

I'm going to guess that women who say/write this believe it because they identify with the male protagonists in the media they consume. Which, of course they do, most media with male protagonists are designed so that every viewer/reader identifies with them.

I think it goes deeper than that. I would guess it's a profound disconnect between herself and other women. She doesn't identify with them. She doesn't think she has anything in common with them. For me, it wasn't about the media, although of course the complete lack of GNC representation didn't help. It was also the fact that I could not relate to other women and girls in real life.

I mean to me it sounds like a real self-own. If someone told me I thought “like a man” I’d be horribly ashamed and want to know where I went wrong.

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Well I gotta admit, transmen do a very good job as being just as misogynist in their thinking as men.

Considering that, except for the misogyny, I can't observe much of a difference in female and male thinking, they're doing a decent job there.

I just wonder why they'd want to think like a man. It's the misogyny. It's literally just the misogyny, and why would you want that?

If it were actually possible to change your sex, methinks a man who thinks like a (non misogynist) woman would be vastly superior to the standard male.

It's weird, TIMs think they are better women than actual women because of their male brain and misogyny (and convenient fetish for the things that other men also have fetishes for ...) but TIFs never seem to consider themselves superior to actual men because they understand women and aren't such woman-hating assholes. Why? They'd actually have good reason to ... that is, if they weren't even more misogynist than the average male.

But ... like, if TIFs were genuine and really just felt dysphoric about their body, without misogyny playing a role ... then they'd have good reason to think themselves a much better choice in partner than the average male. While NOT taking testosterone. Not having a beard and male pattern baldness is a perk! I mean, beards are out, most men shave anyway! Yes, in fact, TIFs look much more like the anime prettyboy in yaoi mangas that women could have a fetish for, if women typically had fetishes, than real males.

You’re right on target with the thinking here. When I had the conversation that ended my acquaintance with a TIF, one of the things she said was: “You’re saying that the only reason to be trans, whether male or female, is misogyny.” Ding, ding, ding. One of the things that makes me so sad about this particular woman is that she is bright. But she’s also delusional so I guess it ends up being a wash.


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  1. you ARE a woman with a strap/flesh of your arms turned into a flesh tube, mastectomy scars and some patchy facial hair.

  2. you are the literal embodiment of internalised misogyny saying that misogyny doesn't affect you. please. your own movement doesn't give a fuck about you. they only care about twans wowmewn feewimgs. they don't care about you. they're not fighting to normalise female features in trans men, they're fighting for male features to be normalised in trans women. while y'all are all going spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on removing your body parts and mutilating yourself.

    TIMs are going around just in a dress, heels and bad wig (and sometimes a comically large pair of prosthetic breasts) with little to no backlash from governments, while you're taking hormones which fuck up your entire biology, getting an artificial "penis" that goes into necrosis and causes tons of problems. and removing your uterus, which causes another slew of problems.

    wake up.

I don't understand women either.

Not understanding women sucks. It's caused me a lot of problems.


....[other women] assuming I understand women makes me feel super-dysphoric

It's almost as if she realises the problem isn't "they keep assuming I'm a woman when I'm not" but rather, "they keep forcing me to remember I am actually a woman and that makes me feel ick"

This post is dripping with internalized misogyny. She can let misogynistic comments from (presumably) men roll off her like water off a duck’s back because men misunderstood her gender.

What really makes her dysphoric is women assuming that she’ll be more sympathetic because those silly cis hens…misunderstood her gender.

I’ll give her this though: expecting women to do the (and I cringe using this oft-abused phrase) emotional labor of affirming her self-image and protecting her feelings, while excusing men from doing the same, is some pretty decent male entitlement.

I feel and think like a cisgender man

I’m sure this king’s adolescence was plagued by unwanted boners.

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Way to prove you’re not only a woman, you’re a remarkably stupid woman.

Ah, a more hateful version of "i'm not like the other girls." must be a Tuesday.

I feel and think like a cisgender man.

Whenever they say shit like this, I immediately want to ask: How the fuck do you know this??? I don't even know how fellow women feel and think, much less an entire sex class of people. It's such an obviously ridiculous statement, it's hard to believe people take this seriously.

This is so bizarre. How do they think they know how any other individual feels, let alone an entire group of people. I will never know if I feel like anyone else, because there is absolutely no way of knowing that. So bizarre. Oh and there's the misogyny too, but that's a given at this point.

Exactly. Are we to believe that they all have second sight? I can't say I know how other women feel, but I can extrapolate using common experience, and shared externally applied limitations, and cultural biases, stereotypes and inequities. Men have never experienced these things, so they can't even hazard an educated guess. A young woman who says she can't relate to all these shared experiences is either lying, or so emotionally damaged that she has buried most of her past away in her unconscious mind .

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The word "stereotyping" needs to be taught in schools. I mean I thought it was but...

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