Does he not realize that he doesn't have to claim to "be a woman" in order to dress this way?

Unfortunately probably not. I have some male friends who are dancers that dress often not too far off from this and nobody in the group bats an eye even though they don’t proclaim they are women. They are just gay men who like to have a little extra razzle dazzle for dancing.

So many men are gross as f**ck.

Quit the porn, dudes. It's giving you brain damage.

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I had this exact same thing happen with a childhood friend, for a second I almost thought we had the same one lol

There's nothing stopping him from doing this while almost being a man...

I'm slightly confused by the "almost" in your comment. He already is a man, no qualifiers.

I'n saying that he doesn't need to pretend to be a woman to act slutty. He can do this while also ''identifying'' as a male. (which he already is)

Question: would this still be offensive if he identified as a man? It's almost impossible to see images like this without the horror or trans intruding, but if anyone can still remember what it was like before gender ideology, would this be offensive to women? Or just a man expressing himself?

I kind of feel like it would still be offensive but I can't work out why. Maybe a bit like drag?

I have gay guy friends (twinks as they call themsleves) who dress effeminately slutty and wear heels. Theyre men and identify as men and therefore KNOW that theyre catering to the male gaze. I dont find them offensive because they dont claim those things to be "female" attributes

that's how I feel about it as well. it's the claim that "dressing slutty is a woman thing" that is the offensive part, not the dressing itself.

Personally, it’s the pretending to be women that I find offensive. Once they’ve insinuated themselves into women’s spaces, they can’t resist the temptation to speak over and for women.

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He's got visible porn brain. Excited by extreme objectification.

It says a hell of a lot about how they view sex at the absolute minimum. Likely how they view women as well.

Love it! I say we slap this on every beer billboard in America and force straight men to "enjoy" it