Women get unconditionally love? Where? When?

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They think unconditional love is unconditional positive regard for 19-25 year old breasts

Let’s be real, that kind of “love” starts around 11.

Started at eight, for me. Early development had me with breasts in third grade. I spent years wanting to rip them off and wearing baggy clothing to hide in.

if only people said that to the victims of female infanticide. those infants should have known they are unconditionally loved. /s

One of the many things men (and men wannabes , apparently) mindlessly parrot. Anyone who thinks men are "rational", "logical", or "more intelligent" will have that notion exploded by a few hours on red pill/MRA/incel sites. Dumb as rocks groupthinkers, the lot.

It's funny how TIMs never, ever manage to come across as thinking like women. (There was one I argued with on the internet for a while, shocked at "her" opinions on sexism ... when someone clued me in that "she" is actually a "he" it all suddenly made sense ...)

TIFs, on the other hand, very much can keep up with real men when it comes to being misogynist asshats.

You know, when you get obscenities yelled at you in the street, or have the option to sell yourself for sex. That kind of unconditional love.

Maybe you’re lonely because you cut everyone off for transphobia or they’re tired of walking on eggshells.

Being a man is so awful, yet she would rather be a lonely, unloved man than a woman. Tells you all you need to know regarding each sex’s misery, really.

Maybe you’re lonely because you have nothing in common with men, and men aren’t interested in forming little validation harems around TiFs the way women will for TiMs.

Maybe, just maybe, this is problem you can identify out of.

I can't even begin to understand this reasoning. "I was treated better when I presented as a woman than I am now presenting as a man, therefore all women are treated universally wonderfully while men are treated universally poorly." It's so incredibly arrogant and cruel at the same time.

LOL, admits she's lonelier after transing: "Poor men are so oppwessed!" You were a woman, now you're a lonely woman.

Well, maybe because she's not actually a man, so men think she's weird; she denounced and rejected women, who would support her if she weren't so sexist and unpleasant, and might also have blown off her family after they stopped ceding to her endless, obnoxious and ridiculous demands.

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Grass, greener, other side, etc.

...which also nicely explains why this person probably transitioned in the first place /:

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