Let me once again express my displeasure at having inherently female afflictions like PCOS be used as evidence for transgender delusions.

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Feminists are the ONLY people who realize women aren't the same. Our common factor is we're all female. Everything else is to the individual, but she's still a a woman.

Tell me who's thinking women are all the same, you who thinks a man being feminine makes him a woman.

She’s been taking exogenous female hormones her entire adult life to avoid pregnancy and menstruation.

Men take exogenous female hormones to grow boobs they can play with.

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Yeah, because taking progesterone birth control pills to make periods less frequent (as I do), is totally the same thing as not having or ever being capable of having a period at all.

And even women who do not get periods at all do not get them for different reasons than why TIMs do not get them. TIMs don't get periods because THEY ARE MEN AND MEN DO NOT GET PERIODS.

I don't get periods, I've been taking the pill since I was 14. I still have to change pill periodically, I have to worry about taking it everyday at the same hour, I have to monitor my health and my hormones, I've had pregnancy scares, I know that if I stopped taking the pill I'd get my periods back, I know I'll eventually enter menopause, I still hurt from time to time because I have endometriosis. Each and every woman's experience varies from individual to individual - we're still women and we are subject to our biology. Our body is the mean through which we experience the world. My periods or lack thereof don't make me a woman, but being a woman means that my life has been impacted by my periods or lack thereof. A man will never get a period, will never get pregnant, and will experience the world with a male body. And no, a damaged male body is not a female body.

my period or lack thereof don't make me a woman, but being a woman has been impacted by my periods or lack thereof.

THANK YOU. this is the part these idiots refuse to understand. they accuse us of saying no one who doesn't get periods is a woman, but that's not what we say. anyone who does get a period is a woman. men can't get periods.

there are women that don't get periods, but that's because they have reproductive or otherwise, health problems that affect their period (like you) or because they're past menopause, again, things only women can experience because that's our biology.

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I have been on the pill since I was 13. I go about 3 months between periods. If I don't stop taking the pills for a week for longer than 3 months, I'm more likely to bleed randomly. The Covid vaccine messed up my menstrual cycles for a bit, and made me bleed even while on the pills. Even when I don't have periods, there is always the fear of breakthrough bleeding for me because it does happen. Men never have to worry about all their best clothes being stained with blood, or if their tampon has been in too long. Men are not women.

But makeup and clothes ARE inconvenient parts of womanhood too….

why do TiMs think we LOVE that stuff?

Yes, getting into costume CAN be fun from time to time but it’s not fun to have essentially no choice but to live life in a costume.

Don’t they understand that it’s mentally taxing, time consuming AND expensive to have to constantly be vigilant about your appearance? We either have to get dolled up or cover ourselves, depending on the culture of the men around us. Even women enforce beauty standards. We can never just be.

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I hope she doesn't trip over herself in her rush to center men her form of "feminism".

Also, some of the men in the comments are terrifying delusional. "I'm mtf, but I'm actually XX chromosones. All of my most masculine features now, physically, are 1:1 with my mother's. But TERFS will insist they can clock me."

Lol, okay.

She’s an idiot if she thinks taking the pill means she can’t get pregnant. Isn’t that the super picky pill that must be taken at the same time every day?

I have many friend-nieces and nephews who came into existence because their mother was sick, needed antibiotics etc, while on the pill.

Yes and it gets nullified if you take some other medicines, or get diarrhea after 8 hours or vomit after 4.

I mean she still has to think about it. She's either taking a pill, has a depo implant, or an IUD that needs to be checked occasionally. Hopefully, if she has male partners they ask about her birth control methods too. And the bit about her having sex since she's been a teen. I really didn't need to know. I wouldn't be surprised if she got a pick up line in the comments, or some questions whether she'd have sex with a TIM.