Wow. You really couldn't have a more perfect screenshot. "Fuck TERFs" and "GRAPHIC torture and rape" in the same page?

They almost make it too easy!

Them: Rape/torture/paraphilias/incest/bestiality/etc are okay but I draw the line at women stating biological facts!

I'm always amused and perplexed when people talk about creators not deserving the things they've created. Like, what?

It's like they're spoofing themselves, if they had any self awareness.

lmfao the utter derangement. i can't even be mad i just feel the detachment of an omniscient queen covered in jewels, beholding all the peons

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Written by a male, of course.

SCREW JK ROWLING - but I'm gonna write about child characters getting raped because that is my fetish, don't kink shame UwU

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Fanfictions are just as bad, degenerate, and damaging as the worst kind of anime/manga. Change my mind.

Writers write dark stuff, doesn't necessarily reflect their character. I'm more amused by Rowling supposedly not "deserving" the characters that she created.

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