It still looks like Jon Yaniv opened his own spa. Also what's with all the "demi" stuff? It looks like a font menu on a computer that has too many fonts installed. "Comic Sans Androgyne Condensed Demibold."

I think you have a future in gender-diverse font design, if you want it.

Is "Never coming back here" a gender? Because that'd be my gender if I say this at a spa I was at or returning to.

What is the point of this? If it isn't about physical bodies, how is your iDeNtItY relevant?

Sometimes these drop down menus aren’t custom built for the particular website, but are pulled in already built.

I say that just to point out that the spa may not have been the one to make the absurd list, but it did at least ask to have a gender selection data point upon customer intake.

Sorry to everyone who commented on this before. It got deleted because I guess it needed to be in this circle. Please feel free to replicate your comments!

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Why the fuck is any of that important at a spa? Male or female, that's all that is necessary for them to know, so they know whether or not you're likely a fucking pervert.

Holy…..🤦🏻‍♀️ Neutrois sounds a refreshing sparkling water drink.

They should just list “female,” “male,” and “creepy dude who wants to take his dick out in the women’s spa” and call it a day.