I never realized Hollywood was in the business of making movies out of books that sold horribly and nobody liked. Lol

Here's some fun Harry Potter facts:

  • Within two years of publication, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone sold more than 300,000 copies in the UK.
  • Scholastic bought the US rights to Philosopher's Stone for $105,000. It was the most Scholastic had ever paid an author for a children’s book.
  • Sorcerer's Stone hit the New York Times Bestseller list two months after its release. It stayed on the list for 82 consecutive weeks.
  • In the US, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (the last book published before the first movie) sold 3 million copies on its first weekend.

FedEx dispatched 9,000 trucks and 100 planes to fulfill the book deliveries when Goblet of Fire was released. If that's a book doing poorly, well...

Also, JKR regrets allowing them to change the name to Sorcerer's stone

They're trying so hard. The books are way way more popular and well received than the movies.

Absolutely bullshit. Even Radcliffe admits that he owes jkr for his career. Ntm how many Radcliffe movies (that aren't Harry potter) are most people even aware of?

LOL, the only movies of his I know outside of HP are the one in which he played the monster of Frankenstein (which I have seen because James McAvoy was in it, definitely not for him, and it' s a really terrible movie) and the one in which he played a farting corpse (which I haven' t even seen, I just know it exists).

I am not sure how many people know those movies, though.

I've never heard of it, lol. Other than the horse sex play the only thing I'm aware of him in was an adaptation of A Young Doctor's Notebook, and didn't even watch it. I just went through a Russian lit phase as a pretentious teenager and thought it was weird that Harry Potter was in a Bulgakov adaptation

It really is like a religion, huh? You can't say anything against the Holy Men who preach the gospel.

You also have to rewrite history so that heathens are never exceptional people, and believers are never mediocre.

[insert "And are Daniel Radcliffe's incredible acting skills in the room with us right now?" meme]

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The Harry Potter movies actually came before the books.

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If these people were old enough to remember the 90's and early 2000's, they'd know they were wrong. Then again, they probably already know.

Interesting. A psychological condition where you lie about who you are and those same people seem to be incapable of telling the truth about anything.

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