?????? It always amazes me how willing men are to open their mouths when they are completely ignorant!

They're so confidentially incorrect, I notified this when I was young but ever thought about it until I got an office job dealing with them.

It’s in the wrong place. It’s always in the wrong place…

Also the missing inner labia and clitoral hood, scaring, "outer labia" that are clearly just a deflated ball sack, the "clit" that is obviously a piece of dick head, lack of ridges, lubrication, cervix, vaginal muscle and the ballooning up of the top of the vagina to lift the uterus out of the way, and stank smell the men have. Other than that it's totally the same!

It would be so tempting to just release bogus vagina “facts” onto the net to see where they propagate, if I didn’t know how many insecure teenage girls would get caught.

Sperm that lose the race to fertilize linger in the vagina and create a microbiome there. They sit around playing MMO games using the vaginal fluids as a network.

It's so gross of them to compare that mould collecting dead end surgery wound to an actual vagina.

do neo vaginas have well defined ridges that become smoother when aroused

nah but your brain does, bro

Rugae, fuckface. Rugae is the word you're looking for. Though I guess I can't blame him since all he seems to be able to find is his own dick.

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I didn't know this word existed so I looked it up. The wikipedia article for rugae lists places they're found:

Rugae can appear in the following locations in humans:

  • Wrinkles of the scrotum
  • Hard palate immediately behind the upper anterior teeth
  • Inside the urinary bladder
  • Vagina

So not surprised the balls are listed first.

Fun fact, some women have more pronounced rugae than others, from what I learned in OBGYN medical textbooks. Pretty sure they don’t “smooth out” when aroused, though.

No dude, your literal open wound on your crotch is not in any way similar to my actual vagina, just like an open wound on any other part of your body is not like my vagina, either.

I admit I don't know if vaginas have ridges (never poke around in my own), but this allegedly being the only possible way to tell a real vagina from a fake one ... oh dear.