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Some of the young TIFs are not alright. Purely speculation here - could her, "multiple disabilities one of them being a physical one which impacts mobility" possibly be related to earlier use of puberty blockers or the impact of high levels of Testosterone on a female body?

At any rate, this 24 year old is clearly suffering. It looks like people in the Boston subreddit did attempt to guide her towards some helpful resources.

And lurkers, no, I don't feel happy about her situation.

Just in terms of resources, she would be a million times better off if she weren't cosplaying as a man. Women's shelters aren't as dangerous as men's. She needs to be protected from violent men against whom she can't defend herself because she's female and disabled.

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Yes. I can just imagine the DMs she'll receive from "super nice guys" offering a desperate 24 year old girl shelter in their apartments.

God, no. This is yet another reason why affirmation-only is bad. It makes life much more difficult and creates a class of people who need all kinds of special accommodations.

This is awful. Whatever the cause of her physical disabilities, even if they're self-inflicted, she needs help and support. I hope she very soon finds a safe, healthy place to live and carers to help her. She should start by going to a women's shelter, I think.

No place of shelter or refuge where "trans" are allowed is ever good for anyone else. Keep the predators (all male "trans") completely separate. The female "trans" may be OK in places with other women but they should never be permitted to demand phony pronouns/compelled speech and toxic behavior should not be tolerated.

I wonder how much of her situation is due to transitioning? T could cause the mobility issues. She may have no family because the cult told her to go NC with anyone who didn’t support her 100%.

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I looked at her profile and saw that she posts in r/raisedbynarcissists. I don't know whether her parents are actually narcissists, but I think it's safe to assume she's not on good terms with them.