Trying to imagine how I'd feel if I met someone in real life who introduced themselves with "Hi, I'm a white settler. I'm also fat"

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... as a...

Lesbean... first generation immigrant..... partially melanin deficient... neurodivergent.... uhh non-trans-XXchromadomed.....uh unemployed... single... ominorous... uh Leeeeean...uh breathing... um with 2 hands... uh and eyes

I like the taste of tomatoes

I like the fact that that isn't even the most bizarre bio on that "Challenge Accepted" site:

As an able-bodied, white-presenting, MAAB, dyadic, neuro-typical, lean, university educated, English speaker, with a middle-class, settler family background they recognize the many ways in which they benefit from systems of privilege operating around them. Understanding and leveraging this privilege, while teaching others to do the same, is a key element of their work in communities across the country, as well as in their life at home. As a genderqueer, multi-ethnic, and pansexual person they’re also compelled by their own experiences of invisibility, discrimination and marginalization to push the limits of normative social institutions. Alyx enjoys encouraging everyone to consider how they can make their community safer and more inclusive for each and every complex and dynamic individual.

This is what happens when kids spend too much time on tumblr, where everything is seen exclusively through the lens of privilege and oppression.

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I had to google several of these terms. A lot of time could have been saved had this bio just said "I'm rich and white and here to talk down to actually marginalized folks" lmao.

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The fuck is dyadic? My first thought was misspelled dryad, and I was wondering who's out here being racist against elementals

Dyadic just means not intersex. No idea why would one need to emphasise something like that, but I guess he's doing that thing where one lists one's privileges in an attempt to virtue signal.

At first I thought didactic, as in some tumblr shortening of being autodidactic, but the irony of spelling it incorrectly is too much for me.

ah, yes! wealthy white men speaking on diversity and inclusion, just what I love to see.

Invisible disability? Queer AND genderqueer? Wow, just wow . . .

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Invisible disability is valid. Looking at me, you can't see my heart condition. You can't see my connective tissue disorder that causes chronic pain. I don't consider myself to be disabled, but my doctors have made it clear that these things will begin severely impacting me by my 50s.

Disabled people who don't "look" disabled are regularly harassed in public for doing things like parking in handicapped spaces with their handicapped tags etc.

Idk if that woman has an actual disability beyond her crippling social justice warrior complex, but invisible disabilities as a while are a valid struggle for many people.

Good point. That's not what I imagined she meant by "invisible" though . . .

Thread from Canadian columnist Jon Kay on an SJW-ish seminar called “Breathing is a Radical Act.” The irony of TRAs talking about bodily erasure…

Oh boy. I have seen so many amazing cringe profiles like this where the person is just competing for the number of identities they have and how many Indigenous words they can use for cities that most people know by a different name.

They collect identities and oppressions like Beanie Babies or Pokemon cards. Gotta catch zem all!