HOw iS THis REmoTELy oK?

White males trying to act oppressed are hilarious. Crying about colors. I wish I had them problems.

Don't you know trans people own colours now? British women aren't allowed to use the suffragette colours because they are similar to the genderqueer flag.

If you're not trans, it's monochrome only for you!

Color looks more like pink hats we wore for the Women's March...oh, wait...TiMs hate that too.

None of the colors are even near the shades of the flag but I guess all blue and all pink and all whites are theirs.

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Omg what lol. Even if it was intended to be a reference to the trans flag, what is the issue? How does that harm trans people?

I' m looking forward to the day in which these woke institutions like SNL realize that it doesn' t matter how much they kiss trans asses, it will never be enough and they will just give up and stop pandering to them.

If we are lucky yes, Chapelle on yesterday was still a statement.

Oooh this might be good. Too bad The Big Money(tm) still goes by the way of the woke.

Imagine being so boring and uninteresting that this is the kind of shit you get to complain about. What a hill to die on.

I think I'll use pink and blue to advertise port a potty products.

THEY ARE NOT EVEN ON THE SAME HUE. Imagine wanting to be oppressed that hard.

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