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This is the end result of deadname "logic".

If that person is dead and you're now a totally different person then you are misrepresenting yourself by using his photo. And if the old person is dead the new "improved" person should expect zero residual loyalty from the dead person's friends and acquaintances.

Play stupid games and you'll win stupid prizes.

They always want things both ways. I’ve seen kids terrorize their mothers on Reddit for DARING to keep childhood photos and accidentally using their “deadname”. I have no sympathy lol



Their fathers have already abandoned, abused, disowned them etc. Mother stays and continues to love, and she is abused for it by her own child. It's a new spin on an old, cliche scene. Mother is always at fault.

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I'm assuming the woman who flagged his photo was trying to draw attention to the fact that he's a whole ass man. She was trying to say he's a man, not a woman. See? Even he admits it. He even posted photographic proof. But instead the moderators chose to ban the photo, not the entire profile/account. That way, he can't really be too upset. He still gets to harass women and gaslight them.

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Why would you even want a pre transition pic of yourself on a dating site?

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So, this extends to the same feelings from family and friends about TIPs they know and even society at large who comprehend that there was someone who was named Bruce Jenner and someone named Ellen Page?