Well, actually being a homeless man seems more common because men aren't more likely to be raped, murdered or pimped out.

Sure, their suicides are more successful because they tend to use guns.

Homicide. Yeah. Men kill each other. A lot.

Jailed more? They commit more violent crimes.

DV? Just utter bullshit. They're claiming the wife beaters who hit their wives, get nervous, then call the cops and lie that their wife hit them first. It's a common tactic. Read "Why Does He Do That?" It's all there. I knew a woman who got abused and her husband called the cops and said she hit him first. Also, these weaklings are counting getting slapped, swapped at and yelled out. Sorry boys, no one should be abused but you're a different weight class. Women get murdered, fgs.

[–] Committing_Tervery alien/ufoself πŸ‘½πŸ›Έ 8 points

40% of domestic abuse victims

Gonna need to see some fucking proof for that.

[–] Ginger 19 points Edited

Women: lock your car doors as SOON as you get in the car, don't listen to music while walking alone (but still have headphones in so you don't make the men catcalling you mad when you ignore them), ALWAYS tell someone exactly where you are 24/7, hold your keys like a knife, if it's late at night take an Uber (but have someone call you when you're in the uber so the driver doesn't try to assault you), never get too drunk, never be in a strange area at night, turn down strangers but politely so you don't escalate the situation.

Men: Imma take this 10 mile short-cut through the bad part of town to my unlocked house at 3 am. I'm only boarder-line blackout drunk. What's the worst that can happen?

[–] [Deleted] Lvl5 Laser Lotus 35 points

Men being more likely to be imprisoned when committing the same crime as a woman can have a myriad of reasons, like:

-lack of remorse during sentencing -longer criminal records and prior similar offences -lack of community supports (aka they've burned all their bridges so they have nobody to take them in and monitor them if they were to get a non jail sentence)

I don't feel bad for men on this front at all.

The last one is just wrong as well. Women will get longer sentences for crimes that are considered male, i.e. violent. They get shorter sentences as they commit different types of the same crime, i.e. shop lifting and they tend to have caring responsibilities. Weirdly enough in the UK non payment of TV licence is/was a Biggie.

International mens day is just men complaining about women day.

Yeah, I spotted that too. Women tend to be sentenced much more harshly than men are when it comes to comparable violent crime.

[–] drinkwater 30 points Edited

Men commit the most violent crimes

Men commit the most rapes

Men commit the most animal abuse

Men are responsible for human trafficking

Men created porn and the entire abusive system

Men kill women with anti abortion laws

Men keep women prisoner

Men are destroying the planet

Seems to me, they make everything about this world hell, why should we care if they suffer under their own regime?

Let’s not forget men make up the vast, vast majority of pedophiles. 99% of sexual offenders are men (and 90% of sex crime victims are women/girls)

Men make up almost 100% of family annihilators and school shooters.

That DV stat is pure BS. 88% of high frequency DV (4 or more incidents IIRC) is male on female. DARVO is a classic tactic and Lundy Bancroft, the author of β€œWhy does he do that” (an ACTUAL good man! 😡) doesn’t believe sustained female on male DV is something that happens. I’m inclined to believe him.

Also, show me even a handful of cases where a female abuser has seriously injured or murdered a male partner...the reverse happens regularly.

Men are fucked up, selfish, uncivilised monsters...obviously NAMALT but a fucking tonne of them.

Don't bother saying not all men, the losers started that after metoo to attack and discredit women. We don't play their games, as long as it's the male sex oppressing the female sex, yes all men.

Fair point. I feel bad tarring them all with the same brush since I care for some individual men...but yes, as a class they are pretty terrible.

What's with the '40% of DA victims are men'? Here are some other statistics about domestic abuse:


  1. 12% of intimate partner violence cases involve a male victim.

(Source: Office of Justice Programs)

According to domestic violence against men statistics, female assailants are almost twice as likely to use a weapon than their male counterparts. Maybe female abusers feel the need to equip themselves with a gun or a knife to neutralize men’s physical strength.

Well, duh.

[–] Samhain 12 points Edited

Everytime I've looked up this statistic (the 40%) I can only find articles about a self-reported survey. The survey was also about DA, which could include assault by family members, not just IPV.

[–] Redmage 5 points Edited

"Domestic Violence" also encompasses abuse of children by their parents or siblings. Little Boys are abused at closer to (but not exceeding) rates to Little Girls. This causes inflated "domestic violence" statistics, and is one of the reasons "intimate partner violence" or IPV is used as a term.

The stat they're getting is from the CDC and it's (obviously) misstated. Here's the CDC IPV report: https://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/pdf/nisvs/NISVSReportonIPV_2022.pdf

"More than 40 percent (44.2% or 52.1 million) of U.S. men reported any contact sexual violence, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner in their lifetime (Figure 2, Table 2)."

Stalking is far more egalitarian in its gender distribution. Stalking is actually where I have most of my hours in the DV center. We go to a different office because it is very frustrating to the main center how much we help men. The phrase "don't under estimate the crazy ex girlfriend" is a bit of a motto here.

Stalking, though, in and of itself, it's not Domestic Violence and it is not IPV. The CDC groups them together which I hate, but at least they make it clear that they grouped it together. This infographic does not declare that. Also, women stalking men does not end in violence at nearly the rates of men stalking women.

Another stat they may be conflating here is this:

"More than 2 in 5 men (42.3% or 49.9 million) in the United States reported experiencing any physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime (Table 2). Being slapped, pushed, or shoved by an intimate partner in their lifetime was reported by 39.0% of men (46.1 million), "

Please note the "slapping" and "shoved." These are two things that are completely appropriate for a woman to do if a man is trying to force himself on her. Perhaps intentional rape but, heck, let's give him the benefit of the doubt. Husband comes home drunk and wants some sex. He's trashed, wife doesn't want him, shoves him off. Maybe he still persists and she gives him a slap and then hops in the car to mom. Such an individual could very truthfully and honestly say that he was slapped and pushed by an intimate partner. Let's not give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he's an asshole. Slapping and pushing and shoving are low violence responses to if someone is trying to beat you. So a literal abuser could just as truthfully answer that survey that they were slapped by an intimate partner.

There are some forms of violence that always are DV -- Homicide, intentional impregnation, the list goes on. There are some forms of violence that aren't always DV -- Slapping, pushing. Those can be DV or they might not be DV depending on the context and power dynamic.

Lastly, the CDC frustratingly does not seem to have asked the gender of the intimate partner. I would bet some money that the slapping, pushing, and stalking were indeed in heterosexual relationships, but the beating and strangling was in homosexual relationships.

A more accurate way to view this would be to look at severe physical violence. Not that non-severe DV isn't a serious concern, but the severity when looking at a population should be of interest. 1 in 7 men report being victims of severe physical violence (https://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/pdf/nisvs_report2010-a.pdf) like beating, burning, and strangling, but it's 1 in 4 for women. So 25% of women have experienced severe abuse, but only 14% of men.

Now, let's up the severity even more. Homicide. Same website, it cites the source, but just read this: "72% of all murder-suicides involve an intimate partner; 94% of the victims of these murder suicides are female."

I have gotten some grief on Ovarit before for acknowledging that men can and are the victims of DV or IPV. It's true, I'm sorry it pisses people off. I believe in a world where no one experiences violence. But the rates of male victims are comparatively low and the severity is also comparatively low.

It boils me that men wish to use these token male victims as a banner to say that what we face is DV and IPV is the same. Every woman has to ask herself "is the person I'm dating going to get me on a true crime podcast" but that isn't even a thought for men.

The violence an individual man may experience does indeed receive just as much empathy from me as if he were a woman. But I have no empathy at a population level. The stats just do not play out that way.

Edit: While ranting about this I said "Yes, okay, she shouldn't have slapped you --" and then my husband interjected "But you shouldn't have done a murder-suicide."

Yes to all of this.

While reading I recalled a case that also points out that aggressive acts can be unrelated to the outcome. I knew of a couple, actually very devoted, who went out drinking and had a drunken row over something trivial. Partner A threw a teacup at the wall. Partner B stood up quickly in anger, lost their balance and fell, fatally hitting their head on the coffee table. Partner A was of course taken into custody and questioned because of the teacup.

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If someone said, X number of people in a particular region are killed by hyenas every year, and I said, but hyenas get killed by hyenas too, even more than humans do, not one single person would consider hyena-on-hyena violence a problem that humans needed to solve.

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