how many fucking "trans days of rememberance" do we have. there is a trans awareness month, they've also taken over Pride, and there's a trans awareness week somewhere in the year as well. and this shit too?

narcissists can't stand being out of the spotlight, I suppose.

If you don't know, these slogans have also been coopted:

  • WomensRightsareHumanRights -- c.1980s

  • BlackisBeautiful -- c.1960s

  • BlackLivesMatter -- c.2013

  • StopAsianHate -- c. 2020

And this day -- 1954 vs. 1999

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Symbolic considering what they advocate for doing to children.

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Exactly what I was thinking. Not merely the hormonal and surgical butcheries, either.

To be fair, there are only so many days in a year, so it is inevitable that some of these celebrations etc. will fall on the same day.

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