This is repulsive. Even if they used correct sex pronouns. Absolutely pornsick. This just gives more ammo to fucking losers who think that tampons are some sex toy for women and girls. Stop sexualizing literally every single thing a woman does.

Ikr. Only men could sexualise inserting a wad of dry cotton into your vagina for the sole purpose of absorbing the blood and uterine lining that would otherwise leak and soil your clothes and furniture.

My theory is that they assume that because they put their dick in all sorts of things to get off they imagine that a woman putting anything in her vagina is sexual, putting their dick in something is sexual so a woman putting something in her vagina must be too?

Obviously it’s stupid, they imagine Pap smears and being in stirrups is sexual too, or breast exams...actually these things are anywhere from uncomfortable to painful. Men are stupid.

You will never “be in” me again, bastards.

Same. bought a cup in 2015 and haven't looked back. fuck tampax.

Never have I been more glad to use my own handmade pads 😂 My own creations could never post such misogynistic things on the Twit!

Why is the tampax account directly addressing creep men and calling women “them?” Now I’m just going to associate their products with weird creep men who objectify women, and there is no way one is getting near my vagina.

A man wrote this tweet, didn’t he.

This is disgusting. Yet another reason I'm glad I haven't used Tampax in years. I use tampons from organic cotton and on the box it talks about proceeds going to women and children in poor countries and they have never said any bullshit like "people with uteruses" or whatever, either. I will continue in doing that.

I'm repulsed.

Who would ever think that it would be a good idea to post some nonsense like this?

Is this a real tweet? How vile. Meanwhile I've met scholarship-bound female athletes who had to sit out training sessions because their parents forbade them to use tampons because "tampons go inside you and then you're not a virgin anymore". Might want to address that kind of thing instead, tampax, instead of making dick puns. That might actually increase sales.


Real, yes, already at about 300 000 likes. They are the same company who sponsored Dylan Mulvaney by the way. Picture in this tweet is from a tiktok of his where he creepily plays with menstrual products and calls vaginas "Barbie pouches"

Maybe this trend of "sassy, fun, relatable" company twitters will die because of this. Even when they aren't as bad as this, it's always left a bad taste in my mouth, they are companies, not friends.

Ew. Made the mistake of reading the twitter responses...men and pick me’s defending this weird, tasteless “joke”

It’s not funny at all nor particularly clever. Men slide into DM’s with the goal of fucking women...Tampons go inside a vagina to absorb menstrual blood and uterine lining. One of those things is creepy and sexual, one is not. Why are Tampax comparing the two things? And considering tampons also “go inside” young girls, it’s a very creepy and inappropriate thing to say.

The pick me’s are especially nauseating. Girl, they are disrespecting you, laughing at your female bodily functions and the things you need to deal with those functions...why must you titter along with the men? To show how NLOG you are? To show you don’t mind men mocking women because you’re cool and funny and better than all those women who just “can’t take a joke” (despite that joke being misogynistic and lame anyway)

I fucking hate the internet aside from Ovarit, it’s overrun with nasty, sexist men and the women who embolden and enable them.

Such an important point about young girls. How disgusting that an account for a personal care product used by literal children is tweeting out “edgy” pornsick male crap. Is this more of that libfem eMpOwErMeNt of girls? 🤮

Pickmes are such a lost cause and it’s disheartening to know how many little girls are still being raised to have no boundaries against disgusting male behavior.

I agree— thank goddess for Ovarit! I’m so grateful for all the women who keep this site running. It is THE bright spot on the internet.

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why must you titter along with the men? To show how NLOG you are? To show you don’t mind men mocking women because you’re cool and funny and better than all those women who just “can’t take a joke”

They could just genuinely think it's funny because they either don't understand the history about sexual hang-ups and tampons, or just have a twisted sense of humor. Or both. They don't necessarily need to just be pretending to find it funny to seem cool. They're perfectly capable of being twisted on their own. No ulterior motivations needed.

Honestly tampons are toxic af and make you spend your hard-earned money on disposables every month. Do yourself a favour and get a reusable cup/disc

You can also make/buy washable pads, for those of us who don't like inserting things.

Yep and period pants are awesome for this too - my go to on a heavy cramping day

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Not everyone has had luck with those. I've tried several different sizes and brands of cups over the years, as well as different folds and positions for insertion. They all leak.

Would period underwear work for you? I hadn't had much luck with cups either, but period underwear (certain brands at least) have been a much better option for me.

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